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THIS is the Easiest A.I Startup For Beginners

This is Synthetic Mind, your 5 min A.I business newsletter with todays latest and greatest A.I startup idea. No B.S - Just the inside scoop on how to get rich with A.I.

Todays AI Money Maker: Sell Custom Thumbnails With A.I

Setup Time: 1 Hour

Startup Cost: $10

First $ Made: Under 24 Hours

記pportunity Size: $16,425/ Year - $1 Million/ Year

(Yes. Were 1000% serious)

The Opportunity 井

I call this A.I start up a one-size-fits-all.


Two reasons:

  1. Anyone can do it. It doesnt matter if youre an A.I expert or my 80-year-old grandma who thinks Bard is just a close friend of mine. Seriously, its foolproof.

  2. You can make as much (or little) as you want. This works for people looking for a small side hustle AND for those looking to hit $1 million ASAP.

No matter who you are, if youre looking for an A.I startup

This ones for you.

Everyone starts at stage 1.

Stage 1: Sell custom thumbnails with A.I for $15 each

Thumbnails are the cover picture for content. They decide if viewers will click on the video/ post.

Think about it like a movie cover: A boring cover gets no viewers, but an action-packed cover with a hot super-model gets millions.

Simply put, thumbnails are a BIG deal.

In fact, Mr. Beast (The biggest YouTuber with over 150 MILLION followers) pays $10K PER thumbnail

That makes 1 thumbnail worth more than the average Americans annual grocery bill

Heres how you can get in on the action:

Offer to create custom thumbnails for influencers.

They will tell you about their content and what they want in their thumbnail.

Then youll create an attention-grabbing thumbnail for $15 a pop

All you need is 3 sales a day.

In the past, a great thumbnail would take days.

With A.I, it takes minutes.

Heres the math:

Not bad.

But for those of you who are hungry for more

You can move on to the next stage

Stage 2: Scale your business to $1M

AKA growing your business from 5 figures a year to 7.

This looks like:

  • Hiring employees to create more thumbnails

  • Increasing daily sales

  • Improving the quality of thumbnails to charge more

You get the idea.

Soon, the math will look something like this:

Thats over a million a year.

So, it doesnt matter if youre looking for an easy A.I side hustle or a 7 figure startup

Well walk you through each step in the next 5 minutes.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves

Lets see some proof this works.

Whos Doing It

Placeit is an A.I thumbnail generator. In the last 3 months, theyve received over 10 million website visits.

On average, they make $4.2M in annual revenue.

PicMonkey is another A.I thumbnail generator. Theyve brought in almost 4 million website visits since February.

On average, they make $1.4M a year in annual revenue.

To be honest, you can do better than this.

With a human touch you can make them 10x better.

On Fiverr, artists charge about $10 - $25 for custom thumbnails.

P.S - The more specific your thumbnails are, the more you can charge.

  • Regular thumbnail = $10

  • Fiverr thumbnail = $20

  • Cartoon thumbnail = $25

For now, offer to create any type of thumbnail at $15 each. Then as you find out what you like, choose a niche.

Alright, enough talk.

Lets see some action.

The Gameplan

The How-To

Step #1 - Sign up for Canva and Midjourney. Think of Midjourney as your artist and Canva as your editor. Select the $10 Midjourney plan and the free Canva plan.

(BTW we make NO money by showing you these tools. These are what other artists use, so you should too)

Step #2 - Post on Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, etc. These are the go-to spot for clients who need freelance work. Your profile has one goal - To show clients you can create attention-grabbing thumbnails better than anyone else.

Here are a few tips:

  • Put a lot of work into your Fiverr thumbnail - It should be your best. Think about it.would you choose an out-of-shape fitness trainer?

  • Money loves speed. Offer to make them in less than 48 hours.

  • Post a portfolio of your best work. If clients cant see your skills, they wont buy.

  • Ask clients for reviews

Step # 3 - Make the thumbnails. Use Midjourney to create your images, then use Canva to make adjustments. For your first few thumbnails, use A.I generated thumbnails as a template. This will take some practice, but there are TONS of YouTube videos for help.

Here are a few tips:

  • Do your research before making your thumbnails.Look at the top-performing videos in that niche and use them as inspiration. Which ones catch your attention and why? Is it the color? The text? The images?

  • Relate it to the content the thumbnail covers. Compare it to a movie trailer - You expect the trailer to show you what the movie will be about.

  • Ask ChatGPT for design ideas based on past performance stats.

Step #4 - Scale. Once you nail down making thumbnails, you can start scaling. In a nutshell, taking this step means the difference between a side hustle and a business that replaces your income.

Heres how to scale your A.I thumbnail business:

  1. Hire a few employees to create thumbnails with you. These employees will need to know how to prompt in Midjourney and use Canva. Pay them $10 per thumbnail - Leaving you $5 profit.

  2. Reinvest the money you make into training your employees. Buy them courses and bring in mentors to produce higher-quality designs.

  3. Increase your price to $50 per thumbnail. The better the thumbnail the more you can charge.

  4. Ramp up your sales to 50 a day. Reach out to YouTubers and influencers for more sales. Plus, each client will buy from you more than once as they usually create multiple pieces of content a week.

Whew. Lots of money-making potentials with this one.

But before you go, wed love to know.

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