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BIG Opportunity: Bring A.I To This Untapped Business

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Todays AI Money Maker: A.I Essay Grader For Students

Setup Time: 1 Hour

Startup Cost: $25

First $ Made: 72 Hours

記pportunity Size: $72,635/ Year

The Opportunity 井

Today's edition might get taken down.


Because students using ChatGPT on homework has been a hot topic this year.

A study by Forbes says 20% of college students use ChatGPT to help with homework.

(Thats just the students brave enough to admit it)

Now before you get mad.No.

Were not helping students cheat.

Youll be creating a no-code app that grades essays with A.I for $9.99

Heres how itll play out:

Students will submit their essays to your app.

Then your app will use A.I to grade it instantly and give tips on how to improve their grade.

There are tons of essay graders, but few use A.I.

This is a great opportunity to take a proven money-making tool and 10x it overnight.

Let me explain.

Most essay graders hire professionals to grade essays.

Not only do they have to pay these employees which drives up the price, but it takes days to get results.

Think about it. How often was your essay done a week before the due date?

Probably never.

So an essay grader that takes days wont cut it forever.

*Ahem. Thats your cue.

Not only will you give results instantly, but you wont have employees to pay.

Meaning you can charge per essay and for 翻 the price.

Then to seal the deal you can ask ChatGPT to include a few writing tips.

Its a done deal.

All you need is 20 students a day.

Heres the math:

Trust me, 20 students is NOTHING.

Take a look at how many users other essay graders are getting

Whos Doing It

EduBirdie is an essay grader that hires professional graders to grade essays. It takes them on average 3 days to get an essay back to students. Theyve brought in over 4 million website visits since February.

ProWritingAid is another essay grader, but they offer instant edits $30/month. Over 7 million people have visited their website in the last 3 months.

Thats about 75K visits a day!

All you need is 20.

On top of that, you offer more value for less cost, making you the best option out there.

Ok ok.

Lets get this show on the road.

The Gameplan

The How-To

Step #1 - Sign up for Glide and connect to Google Slides. Sign up for the $25 subscription with Glide. Youll need to connect your Google Sheets account with the app. For now, link a blank table.

(Just so you know. We make $0 by showing you these tools. Theyre just perfect for the job!)

Step #2 - Pick your app layout. Glide makes this very easy. Pick your colors, layout, and name. Theres no specific layout - Choose the one that fits your taste!

Once youre done designing, match your Google Sheet headings to your essay grader. For the example above, my headings are Essay Rubric, Grading Scale, Upload Essay, and Select Grading Level.

Step #3 - Create your A.I flow. You will need to connect ChatGPT to your app. This is how your app will grade their essays. Glide will show give you a step-by-step, but here is a quick how-to:

Step #4 - Find Students. Dont forget存tudents need your essay grader. Youre offering them something that doesnt exist at an unbeatable price. All it takes is one student to love it and share it will all of their friends. Heres how to get started:

  • Post on TikTok. Your target audience is students, and most of them are on TikTok. Not to mention that its also the best platform to go viral for free. Post 5x a day and show them proof your grader will give them A+ results.

  • Run social media ads. Again, most students are on social media. Create and run ads on all social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. More views = More $$.

  • Offer incentives for sharing your app. Students will always have more essays. To get your name out there, offer them a free essay grade for every new user they bring to the app!

Not only is this an untapped market, but its a permanent one. Students will always need help with homework.

Its a no-brainer!

Thats it for today folks! Stay curious and well see you next week!

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