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10x Your Productivity With These 5 A.I Tools

This is Synthetic Mind, your 5 min A.I business newsletter with todays latest and greatest A.I startup idea. No B.S - Just the inside scoop on how to get rich with A.I.

Theres a reason we keep this newsletter 5 minutes long.

Youre f*ckin busy, we get it.

Our goal is for you to make money with A.I in a way that fits your schedule.

So, were switchin it up this Wednesday

Today, were showing you 5 ways to use A.I to save 3+ hours a week.

You know what they say.Time is money

Its not about how hard you work, its how smart your work.

Think about it like selling a house.

A.I builds the framework, so you can spend your time decorating.

More time on the spice = Better products = More money

Thats how you say ahead of the A.I curve - By using A.I as a tool to improve your output.

Alright, were already 1 minute in - 4 more left.

Lets get to it.

Time Saver #1 - Emails

A 2019 Harvard Business study showed the average full-time employee spends 2.6 hours a day reading and writing emails.

Meaning you spend about 39.5 days a year on emails.

Thats more than the average American spends working out.

Our solution: Use MailBuddy as your personal email assistant.

Heres how:

  1. Let it read through your inbox and generate a 2-second report of the need-to-know info

  2. Then it will draft your response emails. All you have to do is review and hit send.

  3. For more personal responses, you can customize it with your tone, and any context information about you.

Time Saved: 45 minutes per day

(BTW, we dont make any money by showing you these tools. Theyve helped us, and we wanted to share the love!)

Time Saver #2 - Task Management

As Confucius once said

A man who does not plan ahead will find trouble at his door.

You wont catch me arguing with an ancient Chinese sage.

When you have a plan, you save the trouble of wondering what you should be doing.

Having a plan = Less distractions = Saved time.

Our Solution: Use TrevorAI as your daily task planner.

Heres how:

  1. Connect your calendar to reorganize your day for max productivity

  2. Let it order your tasks based on importance and due dates

  3. Double-check the time blocking hours. AKA the amount of time per task.

Time Saved: 30 minutes per day

Time Saver #3 - Data Analysis

For those of you who look at data all day, I dont have to explain to you how much time it takes to analyze it.

Sure, you could create charts in Excel. but even thats a major time suck.

Our Solution: Upload your data to MonkeyLearn for quick data analysis.

Heres how:

  1. Upload your data and watch it organize it into simple reports

  2. Read their data-supported insights on where you can improve

  3. Check out their forecasting tool that predicts your future stats

Time Saved: 1 hour per day

Time Saver #4 - Content Generation

The average person spends 45 minutes - 2 hours brainstorming content ideas per project.

Not only is that a lot of time

But youre not as creative as you think you are.

Youre shaped by your experiences which limits your creativity. A.I has access to tons of creative ideas, all of which you can use to 10x your content.

Our Solution: Use JasperAI to create your content

Heres how:

  1. Pick one of their 50+ content templates

  2. Fill in key information and engagement goals

  3. Pick your favorites and make edits! They also have a content search engine for inspiration.

Time Saved: 90 minutes per project

Time Saver #5 - Research

An IBM study shows that employees spend about 1.8 hours a day researching.

Thats 27.38 days worth of research a year.

Dont spend your time finding answers when A.I can give them to you with a snap of a finger (or click of a mouse).

Our Solution:Consensus - If ChatGPT and Google Scholar got married and had a baby

Heres how:

  1. Plug in what youre researching. FYI they only use published papers with verified sources

  2. Let it read through the research it finds and map out the key points

  3. Have it combine the research into 1 report

Time Saved: 90 minutes a day

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