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Todays AI Money Maker: A.I Logo Maker

Setup Time: 1.5 Hours

Startup Cost: $139

First $ Made: 48 Hours

記pportunity Size: $28,944/ Year

The Opportunity 井

Guys, our secret is out.

Everyone knows theres money to be made with A.I.

But only a few have seen their first million with it.


Because most are trying to make the next big thing in A.I.

Heres what they dont know: Money is made in the details.

Find the small fixes - the parts of life, or business, that could be made faster or with less cost.

Then when paired with A.I

Are an untapped gold mine.

Today, youll be solving a problem that every business has 10x faster than they can

You'll be using A.I to generate business logos at an unmatched $12/month.

Logos are one of the most critical decisions a business makes.

Its their first impression to customers.

A bad logo = No customers = No money

Given this, businesses are willing to drop big bucks on a logo.

Here are 3 big businesses and what they paid for their logos:

  • Pepsi: $1 million

  • BBC: $1.8 million

  • BP: $211 million

With A.I, a million-dollar logo is only 1 prompt away.

And that my friend, is where you come in.

Heres how:

You will make a generator that creates business logos in seconds

Before you freak out - you dont need to learn how to code.

You will build your site using no-code.

AKA sites built without code. Just pick your colors and drag-n-drop a few sections.

Once your site is built, businesses will plug in what they want in their logo.

Then your site will generate a million-dollar logo in seconds.

Now were gonna take it one step further

You will also offer them unlimited logo generation for their other products.

It doesnt matter if your users generate 1 or 1,000 logos.

A.I does all of the leg work.

You wont have to put any time or effort into your app after its built.

Making it the perfect A.I side hustle.

All you need is 201 users.

Take a look:

Now shhh. Lets not let THIS secret slip through our fingers.

Lets see whos already caught on.

Whos Doing It

SmashingLogo offers $99 per logo or $179 a year ($15/month) for unlimited logos. They received over 6 million website visits in the last three months.

LogoAI is similar, however, they charge $30 per logo with no unlimited logo options. In the last three months, theyve brought in over 7 million website visits.

Looka charges $192 a year ($16/month) for unlimited logos. They have over 20 million users and almost 14 million website visits since February.

Looka has 20 MILLION users..All you need is 201.

Honestly, its almost tooo easy.

In the next 5 minutes well show you:

  • The #1 no-code site builder for A.I beginners

  • How to create an A.I logo generator that runs on its own

  • The fastest way to find 201 users

Ready for the secret sauce?

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The Gameplan

The How-To

Step #1 - Sign up for your tools: Airtable, Stripe, Make, DALL-E, and Softr (the $139 Business Package). Think of DALL-E as your logo artist. Its a text-to-image software that will turn your users ideas into a logo.

(As usual, we make $0 by showing you these tools. We just like them!)

Step #2 - Set up your logo generator. Go to Softr and pick your site format. Choose any pages you want, but make sure to include a form page. This is where you will design your generator.

In your generator form, find out:

  • What style theyre looking for

  • Their business colors

  • Any specific details they want

Mine looks like this:

Step #3 - Link it all together. Connect Stripe to Softr. This is how users will pay you. Then use Make to connect DALL-E and Airtable to the questions in your form. The site will walk you through each step, but if youre a beginner to Softr, make sure to watch the Softr tutorial videos on their website! Your Make flow should look like this:

Step #4 - Find 201 users. Your #1 goal is to get your site shown to as many people as possible. Specifically, people who are starting a business or already own one. Start with these 3 steps:

  • Go where the money-makers are. Find podcasts, YouTubers, and influencers who post content about starting and running businesses. Offer them a deal: They give you a shoutout and in return, you give them 20% of sales.

  • Reach out to businesses. Offer to remake their logo for FREE using your generator. If they love it, ask for a testimonial on your website. More proof = More sales.

  • Post your logos on social media. Start on TikTok and post 5 videos a day. Put the most work on the first 5 seconds of every video to grab attention, then end with proof your logos bring in sales.

Its that simple!

When youre done, send us a link to your site - wed love to see what you create!

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