Microsoft Starts War with Google Search

This is the Synthetic Mind where we... Wait. Did you just drop something?

I hope it was your standards because I don't think any of us saw this petty AI battle between 2 tech giants coming...

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Microsoft Starts War with Google Search

2023 just started, but were at the peak of a rollercoaster of emotions.

The beef? Microsoft will be adding ChatGPT to Bing, effectively starting a search engine war.

Essentially a private school playground fight, where two rich kids talk about whose dad sued who.

Heres the tea:

1/ Google is the King of search

Even my grandma uses Google.

But I bet if we did a heat map, the majority of Bing users would be found in retirement homes.

Let's not sugar coat it, the difference between search volume is BIG.

Currently, Google has 93% of searches, Bing just 3%.

2/ Microsoft has an AI advantage

Microsoft has been footing OpenAIs cloud bill.

Now that OpenAI has some traction, its time for Microsoft to swoop in and make some dough.

Bings game plan seems pretty simple:

  • Bing has already launched an AI image generator function called Bing Create (first step, done)

  • Bing plans on launching advanced search with ChatGPT (official date, pending)

The HOPE is that it will be so much more useful than Google, that people will switch over.

3/ Where the war starts.

First, search is Googles main business.

Its also widely known as one of the best businesses to be in.

Why? Because you control and direct attention.

I highly doubt one of the biggest companies on the planet (Google) will lay down and except their fate.

Many have said Google is already in a code red upon the news

But if Microsoft can SOMEHOW pull off a miracle, it will be the mother of all paydays.

Grab your popcorn, this is about to get interesting...

Government Funded: Woke AI

Heres the definition of woke:

Woke - Being aware & not letting the system control you.

Oops sorry, heres the right one.

Woke - Spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. (sponsored by: The Government)

Thats right.

The US of A, is hopping on the AI Express.

The first stop: (checks notes) uhh, Censorship.

The Gov. is funding an AI initiative to censor social media content.

How big of a deal is this, actually?

In our opinion - it's nothing to sweat.

This project has less funding than a high school football stadium.

The total " intended award amount" for this government contract is $550k.

That's a lot of cheddar... until you compare it to OpenAI's over $1B in funding.(roughly 1,820x more in total cash available to them)

And let's be realistic - AI is not a cheap game.

You need world-class talent. While this project isn't meant to be an earth-shattering breakthrough in tech, you'll still need great talent.

After all, why would we expect anything to change? The government will continue to be over-funded where it's not needed, and under-funded where it is.... shocking.

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