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NEW Midjourney Update = Massive Opportunity

This is Synthetic Mind, your 5 min AI business newsletter with todays latest and greatest startup idea.Its Cinco De Mayo. Lets party!

Todays AI Money Maker: Midjourney Prompt Generator

Setup Time: 45 Min

Startup Cost: $139

First $ Made: 3 Days

Opportunity Size: $103/day

The Opportunity 井

After Midjourney released their new update earlier this week, everyone and their mom seems to be making AI-generated art.

The update sharpens images to make them more realistic.

Take a look:

(The picture on the right shows the update)

Made by Christie C. from Bootcamp

Once I saw this, I knew there was money to be made.

Then it hit me.

We can offer to help users create Midjourney prompts for $15 a month using AI

Let me explain.

Midjourney is the biggest AI image generator with over 13 million users.

However, theyre running into a major problem.

Midjourney Users HATE they cant create the exact image they want.

Yesterday I asked for a birthday party and got this

(Yikes. What is that blue guy in the corner??)

However, its not Midjourneys fault.

The software can only create what users prompt it to.

Heres how it works:

Users input a prompt for an image they want to see, then Midjourney reads the prompt and creates an image with it:

Because of this...

The better the prompt, the better the image.

So the problem isnt Midjourney.

Its that people SUCK at creating prompts.

(PS - This is where you come in)

You will create a website that offers them free prompts to create cool art.

Then when they want to create something of their own, they will pay to use your prompt generator.

It will look something like this:

The best part is that once youre done with your software, thats it.

It runs on its own.

Meaning that once you build your generator all the hard work is done.

Heres the math:

Oh, and at the end, Ive linked a cheat sheet that will walk you through each step like Im right there with you.

Whos Doing It

PromptHero allows users to find Midjourney art they love, then copy + paste the prompt. The crazy part? It received over 6 MILLION website visits in the last 3 months!

One problem - They dont help the users who want to create their own prompts.

This is where YOUR money is made.

The tool you will be creating is a prompt generator like the one from the beginning by Noonshot. In the last 3 months, this site brought in over 2.7 MILLION visits.

Youll be the best of both worlds.

Convinced theres money to be made?

Alright, enough talk.

Lets make some dough.

The Gameplan

The How-To

Step #1 - Sign up for your tools:Airtable, Stripe, Make, and Softr.

(Psst...just between us, we have no ties to these websites. We just think theyre super cool.)

Step #2 - Set up your generator:

  1. Start in Airtable and create a new table

  2. Go to Softrr to create your website page

  3. Put your Midjourney art examples and their prompts on the first page

  4. Include a create your own button that brings them to your generator form. Here they will plug in what they want to see.

Mine looks like this:

Step #3 - Link it all together: Connect Stripe to Softr. This is how users will send you money. Then use Make to connect your generator to Airtable and OpenAI.

Think of this as the glue between your generator and ChatGPT.

It should look like this:

Pro tip- Upsell them on a monthly subscription to a Discord group where you share prompting tips and others can share what they learn.

Step #4 - The marketing: This is how we find our 210 users. I recommend trying these 4 strategies -

  1. Make it and send it to us. If we love it youll get a shoutout in our next newsletter edition and on our Twitter.

  2. Post on TikTok 5x a day. TikTok is the easiest place to go viral without spending money on promotions. Make sure to post every day and to put most of your focus on the first 5 seconds. FYI, the more controversial you are, the more views youll get.

  3. Affiliates. Find influencers with a follower base that is interested in Midjourney. Then reach out to 10 influencers a day offering them a deal: They shout you out on their page and you give them 20% of sales from that post.

  4. Run ads. This will require you to put money upfront but its a great way to get sales fast. Run ads on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

As promised, here is a cheat sheet that will walk you through every step of the way. It has photos, videos, and anything else you will need.

Byte Of The Day

If you want to know more about something, have a cool topic, or just want to say hey... I answer all my DMs on Twitter so please reach out!

Special Thanks To This Reader

Thats it for today folks! Stay curious, and well see you Monday!

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