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Sell A Custom Website With AI In Under 24hrs

This is Synthetic Mind, your 5 min AI newsletter where we find an undiscovered AI business idea and show you exactly how to get it going before everyone else.

Its Humpday, this is your sign to KEEP GOING. Youre halfway there.

Todays AI Money Maker: Sell A Custom Website In 24 Hours Or Less

Opportunity Size: $450/day

The Opportunity 井

Heres the secret to getting rich: Find a problem that everyone has

Then solve it better and faster than everyone else.

It really is that easy. Especially when I give you the problem and the way to fix it.

Todays problem (AKA your opportunity): Custom websites

Every business needs one, and theyre willing to pay a lot of money for them.

In the past, this took a lot of experience and a lot of time

With AI you can solve that problem and make 10/10 custom websites in minutes without any experience.

Take a look at this one by Durable:

The crazy part is that no one knows about these websites.

And if they do, they dont know how to make money with them.

Meaning this is a big opportunity for you.

Each website will take about 30 minutes after customizations are added.

All you need to do is make 3 a day.

Heres the breakdown:

Thats about 1.5 hours per day.

Not bad for a side hustle.

The Proof

Heres some proof this works:

Wix is a website generator like the example above. Over the last three months, it has received over 152 million website visits.

I know thats a lot of people, but heres the thing - People will always pay more for someone else to do the work for them.

On Fiverr, custom website designers charge anywhere from $50 - $200 per website.

Some designers choose a niche - As in offering custom website designs to a specific type of business.

For example:

  • A website for a dog walking business = $100

  • A website for a specific dog walker = $150

  • A website for a dog walker that only walks small dogs = $200

Just dont get too specific or you wont be able to find enough clients.

This designer below creates websites specifically for social media marketing agencies and was able to charge more per website:

Thats about $380 per hour.

Alright, lets get to the good stuff.

The Gameplan

The How-To

Step #1 - Sign up for your AI tool. I tried out over 20 different AI website generators and these 5 were my favorites:

(Just so you know, we have no affiliation with these websites. We just like them!)

They all come with free trials. Try each of them out and pick the one that works best for you!

Step #2 - Post on Fiverr/ Upwork/ Toptal/ etc. These are websites where your clients will find you. You will want to create a post that will convince clients to pick you over other designers. Do this by:

  • Offering to make tweaks for free.

  • Look at other website designers profiles for inspiration.

  • Creating a portfolio of your best work

  • As you get clients, have them post reviews on your page

After they buy, send them a questionnaire that asks the same questions as the website you chose to simplify the process.

This will decrease the time it takes for you to get their website back to them, allowing you to charge more $ per order.

Step #3 - Create your clients websites.Funny enough, this is the easiest part. The website walks you through each step. Here are a few things to consider when building a website:

  • Keep a limited color pallet. Pick one main color, an accent color, then stick with neutrals. Its also important to have the logo colors match the website colors.

  • Less is more. Leave a lot of white space to prevent chaos.

  • Use a readable font

  • Include photos

  • Have a clear call to action. This can be a Start Here button or a contact me here form.

Heres an example of Metas website:

Step #4 - Offer free tweaks. This is part of your sales offer. You can make changes within the software you created the site with.

The questionnaire you send will prevent a lot of tweaks.

Thats it!

Byte Of The Day

Thats it for today folks! Stay curious, and well see you Friday!

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