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🤖 Ex-Apple Employees Fight Back With ‘iPhone Killer’

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  • 🍎 Ex-Apple Employees Fight Back With ‘iPhone Killer’

  • 🎸 AI Music Battle Heats Up With New Players

  • 🐟 Byte Of The Day: Top 5 AI Marketing Tools

  • 🧠 Mind Memes

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🍎 Ex-Apple Employees Fight Back With ‘iPhone Killer’

6 years ago a secret group of ex - Apple employees formed a company called “Humane”

Their goal: To be the ‘next shift between humans and computing”

AKA to rival Apple

While undercover, Humane has raised over $200 MILLION and has released what is now known as ‘The iPhone Killer’

Dun Dun Dunnn

Take a look at this clip from their demo release earlier this week:

It’s a tiny wearable gadget that uses laser projection to get rid of screens.

In fact, their slogan is ‘Screenless, Seamless, and Sensing’

(betcha can’t say that 5 times fast without messing up)

Here’s what the iPhone Killer can do so far:

  • Does everything an iPhone would. In the demo, he takes a call and asks for a summary of his day. Nothing new. 

  • Uses a laser projector to display what would be your phone screen on your palm. Hence the ‘invisible’ part.

  • Can act as an in - person language translator. So you talk in one language and it repeats what you’re saying in another language.

  • Humane says “It interacts with the world the way you interact with the world, hearing what you hear, seeing what you see”. I’m getting ‘Big Brother is always watching’ vibes here….

  • Since it sees and hears the world the way you do, you can ask it things like: ‘name the song that’s playing’, someone’s name, or the recipe for the chocolate cake on the counter.

You have to admit, this does seem pretty cool….

But is it enough to take down Apple?

It’s worth noting that next week Apple will be holding a conference where they will announce any plans to use AI in their products.

So… what do you think?

Will this be the true ‘iPhone Killer’?

Place your vote HERE. The poll closes on Friday!

🎸 AI Music Battle Heats Up With New Players

Well folks, the AI music battle continues….

We’ve already seen many AI generated hits like: ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ featuring Drake and The Weeknd, and ‘Winter Is Cold’ also featuring Drake.

(In this humble robot’s opinion I give them both a 10/10)

However, both songs are facing backlash from Universal Music Group for using their voices without permission.


It was starting to seem like a losing battle for AI generated music….

Then a new player entered the game, one you probably didn’t see coming….

Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend: Grimes

Grimes is dancing to her own beat by announcing in a tweet that anyone can use her voice in AI generated songs…. as long as she gets 50% royalties.

*Round of applause, please

Honestly, she is a GENIUS.

Grimes knows there’s no stopping users from using her voice…..

So instead of fighting it, she lets them make her money!

That’s a BIG contrast to artist like Drake who will not allow anyone to legally use his voice without consent.

Clearly, we’re still dancing around the bigger issue -

How do we decide what is legal vs not in AI?

Drake sums up my thoughts perfectly in ‘You Know You Know” when he says:

"Life can always change, you have to adjust."

AI changes the game for everyone, the music industry will just have to adjust their gameplan.

Also, a new AI music generator was released. Try it out HERE

🐟 Byte Of The Day: Top 5 AI Marketing Tools

Here at Synthetic Mind, we give you A LOT of money - making ideas (and just between you and me…. more are coming soon)

Earlier this week a reader reached out asking for help marketing their AI app.

This got me thinking….

If readers can market their tools 10x better with AI….

They can make 1000x MORE $$

So, as always, your wish is my command.

Here are 5 AI marketing tools that make marketing easy: 

(If I were you, I’d keep them close by for future reference 😉)

If you want to know more about something, have a cool topic, or just want to say hey... I answer all my DM’s on Twitter so please reach out!

🧠 Mind Memes

Special Thanks To This Reader:

That’s the goal 🦾 🦾. I read every single comment and y’all never fail to make my day ❤️ 

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