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This is Synthetic Mind, your 5 min AI newsletter with a twist. Todays not like most newsletters.. Today is all about you.

This is Business in a Box where we give a $300/day AI business idea and show you exactly how to get it going before everyone else.

Todays AI Money Maker: Make your own AI App WITHOUT learning to code.

The Opportunity

Its the Million- dollar idea youve never heard of.

One that only a few people know about...

NoCode apps.

Over the last few weeks, NoCode apps are becoming the talk of the AI world.

What is NoCode?

Think Shopify - but for apps. Instead of having to learn to code or hire developers you can drag and drop a few sections and youre done.

No seriously, Im not kidding.

Want to know a secret?

It only takes about 45 minutes.

Let me paint you a picture:

In the next 5 minutes (or however long it takes you to read until the end), Ill show you exactly how to make your own NoCode AI tool.

Once you have it, all the hard work is done.

Your tool will be a headline generator like this one:

With only one difference. you'll be making $290 every day

All you need is 180 users

Here's the math:

And if you stick around to the end - I'm going to give you a cheatsheet that will handhold you through the whole process. (It won't be on Twitter this time - promise )

Need some proof?

The Proof

Fatjoe (the AI headline generator from above) had over 350,000 website visits in the last 3 months.

Sassbook is another free AI headline generator (up to 800 words), and has received over a million website visits in the last 3 months.

I know what youre thinking.

These are free apps. No one will go for a paid version!

Well, Im here to tell you that youre wrong.

Fatjoe only makes 10 headlines at a time. Sassbook only allows 800 words a day.

These AI headline generators NEVER leave their customers 100% happy (but you will).

Put simply, their users are hungry for more.

This is where you come in.

Your generator will make thousands of headlines for them every day.

More than they could ever need!

To prove my point further: JasperAI charges $40 a month MINIMUM for their AI headline generator and now has over 27 MILLION website visits since January.

Need I say more?

Lets get started.

The Gameplan

The How - To

Follow these steps in order:

  1. Sign up for these 4 accounts: Airtable, Stripe, Make, and Softr.

  2. The setup: Start in Airtable and create a new table. Then, go to Softr and create a new project. Use Make to connect Airtable, OpenAI, and Softr together.

  1. Make it look pretty.Take a few minutes to add some spice to your page! This can take hours or minutes - its up to you. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Marketing: This is the fun part! Shout yourself out on all of your social media platforms. Wed love to see what you make - If you make something impressive who knows. We might just shout you out for free. Dm me a link on Twitter or leave it in the comments below.

Whew. Youre almost done.

As promised, here is a cheat sheet that will walk you through every step of the way. It has pictures, videos, and everything else you need!

That's all for today folks. But before we wrap up - I'm curious色

Did you like the business in the box? Respond to this email and let me know!"

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