OpenAI Launches $100M Startup Fund

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  • OpenAI Starts a $100M StartUp Fund

  • Sam Altman Spills the Beans on GPT4

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OpenAI Starts a $100M StartUp Fund

It's like the iPhone all over again. Remember how the iPhone enabled developers to create all sorts of insane apps for iPhone users?

Well, Chat GPT is doing the same thing. And it's happening faster than my wife spent my Christmas bonus.

The team at Synthetic Mind is seeing new apps pop up every single day just like this one:

Here's everything you need to know:

  • OpenAI released ChatGPT for free -> Created mass awareness around AI capabilities

  • Increased Use -> Allows for quick iterations on development

  • OpenAI Releases $100M Startup Fund -> Buys ownership in the next wave of entrepreneurs in AI

Sam Altman (CEO of Open AI) had this to say about the startup fund:

"This isn't your typical corporate venture fund, we plan to make big early bets on a relatively small number of companies. Probably 10"

Of the "probably 10" they plan on investing in, they've already pulled the trigger on four.

  • Descript - Makes video editing as simple as editing a text document.

  • Harvey - Builds workflows for lawyers to make everything from research to communication more efficient.

  • Mem - Self-organizes notes and predicts which information will be needed by the user.

  • Speak - AI Tutor that teaches users new languages. Provides real-time feedback on everything from pronunciation to grammar.

OpenAI is attracting developers left and right, and those developers are gonna build some killer apps. And when they do, OpenAI is gonna be sitting pretty.

The most exciting part of this is: Apps will help transition AI from "cute" to "useful."

A bridge most innovation has a hard time ever passing.

Sam Altman Spills the Beans on GPT4

Many readers have had one burning question for us: Do we love or hate ChatGPT3?

Easy. Both.

We hate how much we love it.

But lets be honest, ChatGPT3 in 10 years is going to be kind of like an old girlfriend.

Fun at the time, but overweight and not as hot now.

Introducing GPT4

GPT4 isn't released yet but its capabilities have had a wide range of rumors ranging from impressive to seemingly impossible. Sam Altman recently gave a talk where he gave us all the tea on what we can expect with GPT4.

Buckle up here's the good stuff from his talk:

GPT4 can handle text, images, audio, and video like a pro. Switching between them? Seamless.

Basically, GPT4 is the ultimate virtual assistant that's going to make it possible to automate almost every repeatable software task out there.

And let's be real, who doesn't want to increase their productivity by a zillion percent? That's right, nobody.

This baby is going to be able to continuously learn. Unlike the static, one-and-done language models we've got today.

This is massive because it's going to have the ability to generate new knowledge all on its own.

That's right, it's going to be like having an AI scientist on your team, constantly finding ways to improve itself without any help from us mere mortals.

And who knows, maybe it'll even show us a thing or two about how to get better. The future is looking bright (and slightly intimidating) with GPT4 on the scene.

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