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🤖 Musk Launches ChatGPT Competitor ‘X.AI’

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  • Amazon Enters The AI Race

  • How to use AI For Investing

  • Byte Of The Day: Top 5 AI Copywriting Tools

  • Musk Launches ChatGPT Competitor ‘X.AI’

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Amazon Enters The AI Race

Well folks, yet another player has joined the AI race.

This one took everyone by surprise.

We hear nothing for months…..

Then we find out Amazon has released TWO major AI tools:

  1. Amazon Bedrock - Think of it as a library for Amazon AI tools. It allows developers to build their own generative AI using multiple platforms like Anthropic and Stability AI. They have also added their own generative AI tool called ‘Amazon Titain’. 

  2. CodeWhisperer- Amazon’s new coding assistant that helps developers code. It can create its own coding based on what you want, edit coding, or explain what it does. This is BIG! Now every developer has access to the world’s best coding partner….


Amazon may have started this race late, but they’re pulling ahead quickly.

Think about it…

Most of the players are focused on creating the best tool...

But Amazon has changed the game by allowing developers to choose their favorite parts about other AI tools, then create their OWN.

For the first time ever, developers can build and scale their own generative AI WITHOUT paying the big bucks

Meaning we will be seeing A LOT of new AI tech very soon.

That’s some Big Brain Energy right there.

How To Use AI For Investing

In our poll last week, a reader asked how they can use AI for investing….

What a great idea!

Investing includes a lot of info, math, analysis, and time.

All the things AI can do with a snap of a finger (or click of a button if you’d rather)

Honestly, we’d be CRAZY not to use it.

Investors are already using AI to:

  • Analyze Data - AI can analyze more data than humans and can do it 10000x faster. It finds decade-long trends and past data that we can’t. Sounds like my ex.

  • Teach them about investing, crypto, finance, etc.

  • Get rid of investor FOMO. AI only uses logic and analysis to trade and invest. It doesn't care that your friend swears their coin will make a comeback. 

  • Decrease trading fees. Most AI investing apps have automated investing run by AI -leading to lower fees. Less time and less money.

AI is literally a bread-winning MACHINE.

Now, let’s talk about how you can get a piece of this bread.

Here are the TOP 5 AI tools for investing:

  1. Trade Ideas - For stock scanning and day traders

  2. Acorns - Personal investing tutor, analyzes spending habits, and shows you how to save $ while investing

  3. Schwab - Uses AI to manage your portfolio and minimize tax bills from investing by planning sell times *Best for large portfolios

  4. Betterment - Automated investing by AI. Great for Crypto.

  5. Trend Spider - AI for day traders. It tells you exactly when to sell and which trades are the most promising. Can also create its own stock trading bot.

Musk Launches ChatGPT Competitor ‘X. AI’

Am I going crazy?

(It’s ok, you can be honest)

Less than a month ago Elon Musk begged the world for a 6-month PAUSE on AI…

Then last weekend I open my phone to see this:

Musk is creating his own ChatGPT????

I swear, Musk changes his mind faster than my girl trying to decide where she wants to eat.

He’s calling his new AI company “X. AI”

TBH no one knows much about it.

All we know is that it’s happening (for real this time)

Based on Musk’s tweets, we think X. AI will:

  • Have More Regulations. Musk trolls OpenAI for not having enough regulation. He also pushed for the 6- month pause and calls AI ‘dangerous’. I think it’s safe to assume his AI will have strict rules.

  • Not ‘Woke”. There’s nothing Musk hates more than a woke bot.

  • Access to the internet. He’s jumping into the AI race wayyyy behind everyone else. Without access to the internet, he has no chance of coming out on top.

  • Might be integrated into Twitter. He hasn’t OFFICIALLY said anything about combining the two, but it seems likely.

(Fun fact - Elon Musk was a co-founder of OpenAI in 2015 but stepped down three years later due to internal conflicts)

Byte Of The Day: Top 5 AI Copywriting Tools

Mind Memes

Special Thanks To This Reader:

Please keep them coming! I read every one of your comments, and they never fail to make my day <3

That’s it for today folks! Stay curious, and we’ll see ya Wednesday!

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