OpenAI Will Pay You $20,000

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  • 7 Ways To Get More Done In Less Time With AI

  • OpenAI Will Pay You $20,000

  • Byte Of The Day: Forbes 50 AI

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How AutoGPTs Change Everything

So, Ive got good news and Ive got bad news.

Ill give you the good news first: AutoGPTs are F*cking AWESOME

Everyone has been CRAZY over them all week...

TBH I cant blame them.

Heres what to know:

  • AutoGPTs are AI agents that use ChatGPT. AI agents are nothing new. Theyre just AI software thats programmed to complete tasks. The difference is that now they have access to ChatGPT.

  • They run 24/7. AutoGPTs have a Continuous Mode where they dont stop until the task is done or you end it. It will literally run forever (and you dont pay overtime!)

  • They have access to the internet via Google search.

  • Can spawn other AI agents. If the task is big enough, the AutoGPT can create smaller tasks and assign them to new AI agents. Kinda like a manager of a tiny AI team.

Its basically your own super ChatGPT assistant.

Were already seeing AutoGPTs used as 24/7 customer service chatbots, social media managers, and business mentors.


Ready for the bad news?

Bad news: Theyre VERY powerful

Maybe too powerful

Not only have we seen bots like ChaosGPT (the AutoGPT tasked to destroy humanity)...

But AI is now at a point where it can function without help from humans.

On Continuous Mode AutoGPT can run forever and be left unchecked.

Meaning it can spend all of your money, post hate comments, or learn to think for itself and you wont know until its too late.

What a scary thought

PS - Learn to create your own * safe * AutoGPT HERE

7 Ways To Get More Done In Less Time With AI

You have access to the two most powerful tools in the world.

The first is your brain (for most people)

The second is AI.

Why? Because AI can give you what everyone wants


AI is the master of productivity.

AKA getting more done in less time.

Here are 7 ways to be more productive and the AI tool that helps:

  1. NO distractions. Brain. FM is an AI music tool that creates music designed for focus. Tell it which sounds help you focus the most, and it will create your own focus playlist.

  2. Have a schedule. Futurenda is an AI calendar that schedules work times. You type in what needs to be done and when, and it takes care of the rest.

  3. Use shortcuts. Anytime you need to read anything, have Genei summarize it for you. High school would have been a breeze with this.

  4. Do the important things FIRST. Use Trevor AI to create your To-Do list. It orders your tasks by how important it is and tells you how long they will take.

  5. Use AI for content generation. Use Compose AI to write emails, posts, texts, etc. Do I use it to write this newsletter? Youll never know

  6. Track where you spend your time. Find out where you spend the most time, and make sure its worth it. Timely gives you a daily report of where you spend the most time on your computer. (I personally love this one the most)

  7. Automate tasks. Program repetitive tasks into IBM. It gets them done on time and sends you daily reports.

If you have any other tools, feel free to DM me on Twitter

OpenAI Will Pay You $20,000

ATTENTION HACKERS - Today is payday $$

OpenAI is hiring and will send you $20,000 to hack into ChatGPT

Am I serious?

Ohhh you betcha.

OpenAI has launched Bug Bounty: A program that pays you for finding and reporting ChatGPTs vulnerabilities, security flaws, and bugs.

The pay ranges from $200 - $20,000 depending on how big the find is.

Hold up. That doesnt make any sense.

Why would OpenAI PAY YOU to hack into THEIR system??

Think about it. Their goal is to create SAFE AI tech FAST.

This means they could slow down and spend more time fixing problems.


They keep creating and making $$, then pay you to pick up any slack.

Smart, right?

Now I dont want you to think this is only for big-level hackers.

If you have a basic understanding of coding, you can join the game too.

Heres how:

  1. Learn the main coding security tools. Your goal is to learn what coding vulnerabilities look like so you can spot them.

  2. Get a basic understanding of OpenAI tech like TensorFlow and Python. You cant walk the walk if you cant talk the talk. Am I right?

  3. Research the most common bugs in coding. These could be SQL injections, Cross-site scripting, etc.

  4. Try to reproduce these bugs in ChatGPT. Testing ChatGPT with the security tools from Step 1

  5. Report the vulnerabilities HERE

Happy hacking :)

Byte Of The Day:

Every year Forbes Magazine makes a list of 50 AI companies that have the most potential.

I love the idea.. but 50?!

Aint nobody got time for that

Of this list, Id say there are 15 that you should know.

Half of them you probably use all of the time.

Leaving 7 that you dont know, but should.

Click the tweet below for the list!

Mind Memes

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