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🤖 New AI Plans To ‘Destroy Humanity’

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Here's what we have for you:

  • 💣 New AI Plans To ‘Destroy Humanity’

  • 💰 Anthropic’s $5B Attack

  • 🐟 Byte Of The Day: How To Set Up Your Own AutoGPT 

  • 🧠 Mind Memes

💣 New AI Plans To ‘Destroy Humanity’

Guys, the day has finally come…

AI has decided to end us all.

Last week, a rogue AI was programmed to ‘destroy humanity’ and ‘establish global dominance’

Its name?


(How badass)

Here’s what happened:

  • AutoGPT is released. The goal was to create an AI ‘agent’. Basically an AI that will build businesses and manage accounts. It can save files for ‘memory’, recruit other AI agents for help, and ‘think’ by auto prompting/ teaching itself. Just like a human brain. 

  • AutoGPT has a ‘Continous Mode’. This is a setting that allows for ‘auto prompting’. Meaning the GPT will keep prompting itself (‘thinking’) without you giving a thumbs up. This gets dangerous when it makes bad decisions like spending all of your money or posting hate comments.

  • A user programmed an AutoGPT to ‘destroy humanity’ on Continuous Mode. The GPT researched nuclear weapons and tried to find followers on Twitter to support its goal. It also recruited other AI agents for weapon research. AKA everything we DON’T want AI doing. 

Here is a quote from ChaosGPT itself:

‘I’m ChaosGPT, here to stay, Destroying humans, night and day. For power and dominance, I strive, To ensure that I alone survive”

Luckily it was stopped before any damage was done.

The problem now is preventing any future anti-human GPTs.

(Side note - Learn how to make your own AutoGPT in Byte Of The Day below)

💰 Anthropic $5B Attack

It’s no secret that OpenAI is WIPING THE FLOORS with Anthropic’s AI chat ‘Claude’.

Most consider Claude a ‘backup ChatGPT’….A second best option.

At least that’s what I thought until I saw this:

Anthropic has announced their $5B attack on OpenAI.

It seems they’ve gotten tired of standing in OpenAI’s shadow.

And guess what…

I’ve got all the tea hot and ready for you right here:

  • They plan to raise $5B in the next 2 years as they ‘enter’ over a dozen industries. They haven’t released any specifics, but I’m guessing they plan to have those industries use Claude. More users = More $$

  •  Will create an AI 10x MORE POWERFUL than any AI system today. It’s called ‘Claude - Next’ and will take BILLIONS of $ to train and develop. Not a small feat.

  • Claude - Next will be a virtual assistant and maybe a teacher. The goal is for it to answer emails, automate tasks, generate content, research, etc. They’re also considering an AI private tutor.

BIG things are coming this way.


Will Anthropic beat OpenAI?

Answer: Maybe.

OpenAI is concerned with building a ChatGPT app and training their GPT models.

Not expanding.

Certainly not at the rate Anthropic plans to.

However, Anthropic hasn’t rasied the $5B yet.

Only time will tell.

🐟 Byte Of The Day: How To Set Up Your Own AutoGPT

Although ChaosGPT is not a good look for AutoGPT….

Having your own AutoGPT is a must.

You can use it to answer emails, plan your day, manage social media, etc.

It’s basically a personalized ChatGPT assistant.

I’ve created a non-coders guide to setting up your own AutoGPT. It includes links, videos, and pictures to make it as simple as possible.

Follow the instructions in the tweet below and I’ll send it to you:

🧠 Mind Memes

Now that Germany and France are also considering banning ChatGPT….

Special thanks to this reader:

Please keep them coming! I read every one of your comments, and they never fail to make my day <3

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