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Stanford Exposes A.I Trends

Heres the thing about A.I - Even though its awesome, no one has all day to figure out what the hell it all means.

(You know how these tech guys are. Its like theyre paid by the word count.)

But thats why you have me. I nerd out on A.I so you dont have to.

So early this week when Stanford released their 386-page report spilling all of A.Is dirty little secrets

I got right to it.

Instead of having you read all 386 pages, Ill give you the short and sweet version here:

  • A.I models are getting more training and funding than ever before. Not only has A.I startup training tripled in the last decade, but they also get 1,000,000x more training.

  • Abuse of A.I has increased by 26x since 2012. Mainly via Deepfakes.

  • Machine learning is now in the hands of industry, not the government. It used to be that academia produced all of the major machine learning models. That all changed in 2022. Last year, academia produced 3 models, whereas industry produced a whopping 32. Why? Because it takes a whole lotta time and $ to train those suckers. Something nonprofit government organizations dont have.

  • A.I is the best thing since sliced bread for health + science. They call it the Worlds best new scientist. Its been helping with hydrogen fusion, matrix manipulation, and generating new antibodies.

  • A.I skills make bank. A.I skills are in high demand in every industry. Meaning the more A.I you know, the more money youll make. For example, prompt engineers are now seeing job postings for around $350,000/year. (More on this in Byte of the Day)

Most of this is great news, but there is one slight problem

Now that A.I is mostly controlled by industry (companies), the safety of A.I is at MAJOR risk.

A.I makes companies a lot of money, which they prioritize over the ethical use/ training of A.I.

Hence the 6-month pause idea.

Nothing official has been decided on what to do, butmore bills using the word A.I have been passed in the last year than ever before.

Decisions. Decisions.

The Future Of Meta

It seems theres a new kid on the block.

Hes big, smart, and unlike anything weve ever seen before.

Content creators are going CRAZY over him

Seriously, hes all they can talk about!

His name?


AKA Metas Segment Anything Model which was released this week.

SAM is a photo and video editing tool where you can cut any object out with a single click.

(If you know anything about editing, you know this is HUGE)

Meta was also feeling super generous and fully open-sourced 2 of their datasets, one of them being 400x larger than anything we've seen before

SAM will first be used for:

  • AD creatives

  • Picture and video editing

  • Design (This would be super useful for interior design. Million $ A.I tool right there)

However, this is just the beginning. Meta has announced they plan to use this tech in AR/VR headsets. Take a look:

The kicker here is SAM can identify real-world objects. It knows what its looking at just as a human would.

Meta hopes to use their tech to study natural phenomena on Earth and Space. There has also been talk about what this could mean for self-driving cars.

Meta says theyre excited by the many potential use cases we havent even imagined yet

So although the content editing is cool, Meta has far greater plans.

Byte Of The Day: 5 High Paying A.I Skills + How To Learn Them

Its no secret that A.I is changing the workforce as we know it today.

But heres what they dont tell you: For every job it takes, another one is made.

Ive created a guide to 5 high-demand A.I skills, including how and where to learn them.

Today, Ill send them to you FOR FREE.

Just follow the instructions in the tweet below and Ill send them to you:

Mind Memes

Thats it for today folks! Stay curious, and well see ya next week!

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