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ChatGPT Faces $21M Fine After Italian Ban

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Heres what we have for you today:

  • 氣 ChatGPT Faces $21M Fine After Italian Ban

  • 孝 Cap_able: The Clothing Line That Hides You From A.I

  • Byte Of The Day: Top 5 A.I Chrome Extensions

  • Mind Memes

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氣 ChatGPT Faces $21M Fine After Italian Ban

ChatGPT is like pineapple on pizza: You either love it, or youre too scared to try it.

And just like pineapple pizza, ChatGPT is now banned in Italy.

Heres why:

  • OpenAI did not make it clear they were collecting personal data. Italy also says OpenAI has no legal basis to collect and store as much data as they are.

  • A recent data leak exposed users personal emails and credit card info.

  • They did not verify the users were over 13 years old. There is an age requirement in ChatGPTs terms of service, but they were not verifying it before allowing access. Not a good look.

Since the ban, OpenAI has sent a formal apology and claims to be working closely with Italy to fix the problem.

However, they claim no privacy laws were broken.

Italy is giving OpenAI 20 days to prove they did not break any rules.

Otherwise, they will face $21M in fines.

Even for a company that big, $21M is no joke. Its estimated to be 4% of OpenAIs annual revenue!

A recent A.I report from Stanford University claims the EU has been working on an A.I ban for a while now. As of now, Italy is the only Western country so far to ban ChatGPT.

Some are suggesting that Germany may follow suit.

In the meantime, some users are using PizzaGPT as a ChatGPT substitute.

You know, its not every day youre banned from 1 country not to mention TWO!

孝 Cap_able: The Clothing Line That Hides You From A.I

Speaking of privacy, A.I face recognition is the biggest privacy concern yet.

In a nutshell, its the ability for A.I to identify someone in an image or video and pull up information on them from a database.

Its like matching fingerprints, but its done without the person knowing.

As of now, its mainly used for security on military bases and schools. However, more and more companies are using it across the globe.

Naturally宇his freaks a lot of people out.

But what if I told you that you dont have to freak out?

What if I told you theres a way to make you practically invisible to A.I...

*Enter Cap_able*

Cap_able has released a new clothing line that uses special patterns to shield your identity from A.I

Basically, it tricks A.I into thinking youre an animal - not a human that it needs to identify.

Take a look:

(Funny coincidence - Theyre 100% made in Italy)

Although not super fashionable, you have to agree its a pretty cool idea.

I cant help but wonder though.

Why are people so scared of losing privacy to A.I when everyone uses face recognition/ fingerprints to unlock their phone?

We also link our bank accounts to apps like Venmo and ApplePay and use tracking devices on our cell phones.

Id argue thats more invasive than A.I finding me on the street.

Byte Of The Day: Top 5 A.I Chrome Extensions

With Q1 of 2023 behind us and a moment to breathe after March

I thought wed take a minute and smell the roses.

Ive found that even though A.I seems to be everywhere, most people dont know how to use it in their everyday life.

I want to make sure that you dont fall into that group.

In my humble opinion, Chrome extensions are the easiest way to use A.I throughout your day. So easy that even my mom figured it out.

(Trust me: If she can do it, so can you)

Here are 5 simple A.I Chrome extensions everyone should be using:

  1. Grammarly- This ones in the name. As you write it fixes spelling errors and rewords long sentences.

  2. Ghostery- Blocks popups, cookies, and trackers to protect your privacy. It also blocks ads.

  3. Compose- Use it to write your emails. Just start typing and it will finish your sentences like its your other half.

  4. Timely- Gives you a daily report of where you spend the most time on your computer.

  5. WordTune- Summarizes websites/ articles so you dont have to read the whole thing. It pops up as a sidebar and gives key points and takeaways.

Hope this helps!

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