Elon Musk wants a "Pause" on ChatGPT?

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  • A.I Paused For 6 MONTHS??

  • Replit Changes The Future Of Software

  • Byte Of The Day: 10 Side Hustles A.I Will Do FOR YOU

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A.I Paused For 6 MONTHS??

Wondering if you read that right?

Or maybe I made a typo?

Nope. The time has finally come.

A.I has gotten so powerful 1000+ A.I leaders want to stop it.

Early this week the FLI (Future of Life Institute) sent out a petition to pause A.I for the next six months.

Specifically systems more powerful than GPT-4.

Weve already seen signatures from Elon Musk, the CEO of Apple, and the CEO of Stability A.I.

Heres why:

  • A.I has taken too many jobs and will take many more

  • Its used to create fake news. Youve seen the photo of Trump getting arrested right?

  • Its smarter than us. Originally this was the goal, but now people worry its too smart. Haters gon hate.

  • Its moving VERY fast. A.I tools are popping out left and right.The problem is were putting them out SO FAST we dont know what theyre capable of. Remember Bings I want to be alive shenanigans??

The goal is to create a way to regulate A.I to keep us safe. Theyre looking for things like A.I lab inspections, bias control, and access limits.


Of course. Right when things were starting to get good they had to slam on the breaks.

I see three reasons for the push for an A.I pause:

#1- Theyre scared

I get it. Weve all seen Terminator, the Matrix, or any other SciFi film where the robots take over.

Weve all had our freakout moment with A.I.

I certainly cant blame them for trying to prevent an A.I take over.

#2- Theyre stalling

The pause is starting to look like what I put on my fries: A whole lotta catch-up.

Musk is no stranger to A.I. Wasnt it just last month he was talking about creating a ChatGPT rival??

And what about Apples A.I undercover mission Bobcat?

I have to wonder if maybe they just need a little more time to catch up with the new A.I tech.

#3- They know something we dont.

This one is way scarier but still possible.

Replit Changes The Future Of Software

Once upon a time, an A.I startup named Replit was born. Its job was to help a few users generate software by helping them create and share code.

But Replit was no ordinary A.I startup. No, it was on a mission.

It wanted to help 1 BILLION users create software. (As of now, there are roughly 27 MILLION software developers. Imagine having 37x more)

So one night it struck up a deal with Google:

Replit will give Google access to its coding platform. In return, Google will give Replit access to its A.I models.

Thats what I like to call a win-win

Replit can now:

  • Write code from natural language. Eventually, you will be able to ask for any type of software and BAM - its there.

  • Suggest code blocks to improve your software. The A.I feature gives suggestions, replacements, and finds any errors.

  • Answer any coding questions immediately. So even coding newbies have a chance for once.

Not only did software generation get 100x faster, but each Replit user now has the chance to code like the best software engineers at Google.

Byte Of The Day: 10 Side Hustles A.I Will Do FOR YOU

My last poll asking you what you wanted to read about next gave me a shock

Over 80% of you wanted to know how to make money with A.I.

As always, your wish is my command:

Ive created 10 side hustles ChatGPT will do FOR YOU

So you get more money while putting in less effort

Follow the instructions in this tweet and I'll send them to you:

Mind Memes

Thats it for today folks. Stay curious, and well see you in six months! JK

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