A.I Will Replace These 10 Jobs First

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  • Character.AI Raises $150M With ZERO Rev.

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GPT Study Predicts Which Jobs A.I Will Take First

Ever since November, everyone has had one big question on their mind

Will A.I take my job??

Well, the results are in

Yesterday, a study was released that predicts how A.I will impact the workforce.

AKA which jobs A.I will snatch first.

Instead of making you read through hours of research, Ill give it to you here in under 5 min:

The hard cold truth is, everyones job will be impacted by A.I.

The question is how much and how fast.

The study ranks each job by its Exposure to A.I

The more exposure a job has, the more likely the job will be replaced by A.I

(For my sciency folk out there, its based on A.Is ability to do it 50% faster than a paid worker)

Sooooo, drum role please

Here are the top 10 jobs with the HIGHEST exposure.

If you find your job on this list, dont FREAK OUT.

As always, weve got your back.

Heres how to stay ahead of the job-snatcher:

Tip #1- Find a job that has low exposure to A.I.

Based on the study, these jobs are as safe as it gets from A.I:

  • Agricultural Jobs

  • Repairers

  • Machine Mechanics

  • Restaurant Staff

  • Athletes

Tip #2- Learn to work with it

You have to understand that A.I is everywhere, and its not going away anytime soon.

So instead of running for the hills screaming... learn to work with it.

Learn skills that help A.I grow. Like:

  • Machine learning

  • Coding

  • Robotics

  • NLP experience

I like to think of A.I like electricity: At first everyone was scared to have it.

Now we rarely go anywhere without it.

So, consider me A.I; ALL IN.

Character.AI Raises $150M With ZERO Rev.

Weve all been asked the worlds most famous icebreaker:

If you could have lunch with one celebrity, who would it be and what would you ask?

Well, todays the big day my fellow robot lovers..

Character.AI allows you to talk to any celebrity and ask them anything

They can be dead, alive, or even imaginary. You can even talk to a registered Psychologist.

But dont get caught up in its looks

This runs deeper than talking to your favorite TV star.

There is a plan in motion.

Just last week, Character.AI raised $150 MILLION in funding. All without making a single dollar.

Now Chacter.AI is sitting pretty at a $1B market cap.

How does that make ANY sense?

Why invest millions into a business that hasnt proved it can bring home the bread?

Well, heres what they didnt tell us.

Character.AI plans to create a platform where you can customize your A.I Chat.

Soon, you will have an A.I chat thats made just for you.


Now thats a $1B idea.

Were also hearing whispers of a subscription / paid version. So if youre dying to ask Saul how to get yourself out of a pinch, or you just need someone to talk to

Id hop on that ASAP

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