Apple's Secret A.I Moves

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  • Apple Goes Undercover In A.I Race

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The Second BIGGEST Week In A.I

Guys, A.I has done it again.

Last week was the biggest week in A.I. EVER.

The GPT-4 release, Claude, Copilot..

We all thought this week would be restful.

A slight break from all the A.I havoc.

A peaceful silence if you will


A.I came in hot and heavy early this week with Google BARDs release and hasnt stopped yet.

Heres everything thats happened:

You know what they say.

There aint no rest for the wicked and this month, A.I is the wickedest of them all.

Here are the top 3 A.I - must - knows from this week:

  • Google opens BARD waitlist- Right now BARD is considered an experiment by Google - probably as a safety net from the last time they tried to show off BARD (oops). Google is keeping the release slow as they work out all the kinks, but feel free to join me in line at this link HERE

  • ChatGPT plugins are coming soon- Now this is MAJOR. OpenAI is allowing developers to create extensions with ChatGPT. Think of it as a bridge between ChatGPT and the real world. Instacart created a plugin where you can use ChatGPT to shop for groceries. Weve also seen plugins from Expedia, Speak, Python, and Wolfram to name a few.

  • Microsoft Loop- Theyre calling this the NotionAI Killer. Why? Because it takes everything you do in Microsoft 365 and puts it in one place. It includes Copilot (an A.I tool) so youll get help with saving time, spreading out tasks, and managing group work. Its like one big virtual worktable.


This really is an A.I revolution

Whos ready for week three?

Apple Goes Undercover In A.I Race

I was just asking myself the other day.

Has anyone heard from Apple?

Its no secret that Apple is a big player in the tech world.

So where have they been??

I was beginning to think Apple chose to sit out of this A.I Race.

Until I saw this:

Turns out,Apple is going undercover - using the code name Bobcat

Oh Apple.

You sneaky little minx.

You didnt think you could keep this from us forever, did you?

Heres what we know:

  • Apple isnt interested in making a chatbot (way too mainstream)

  • Their main focus is Siri. They want to improve her language ability with A.I, specifically her joke telling. Hmmm. Seems fishy.

  • The new A.I Siri is being tested on AppleTvOs 16.4. Apple says they will release it to other products eventually, but they have no set date.

It seems Apple is keeping their next A.I move top secret. Not much information has been released about their future plans. For now

But have no fear, my A.I detective work does not stop here!

Okay.. I do have to ask.

Who was in charge of creating the code name??

Seriously? "Bobcat??

I could have done wayyy better than that.

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