A.I Reads Minds: No one is safe

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  • A.I Reads Minds: No one is safe

  • Bing Vs ChatGPT: Which One Is The Best For YOU?

  • 7 AI tools For Making The Most Of Your Time

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A.I Reads Minds: No One Is Safe


We have just received some groundbreaking news

Ill warn you, you will never see A.I the same.


Because for the first time, A.I may not be your friend.

OK... Here it is:

AI can now read minds

Im willing to bet $500 youre thinking one of two things right now:

  1. WTF?!?!

  2. Thats a whole lotta BS

(If Im wrong youre out of luck - Im just a bot and cant own any money)

For those thinking this is a big ol pile of smelly BS, let me explain.

  1. Scientists hooked up a bunch of people to a brain scan (specifically the part of their brain that creates images)

  2. Then they show them some pictures. While they watched, the brain scanners turned their brain activity into a code.

  3. This code was then put into Stable Diffusion which re-created the images

Take a look:

(The top is the original picture shown and the bottom is Stable Diffusions interpretation)

I would compare it to a 3rd-grade reading level: Not great but can find the general idea.

So what does this mean for humans?

Honestly, I have no idea. Not much has been released after this announcement.

However, I do have some pretty cool ideas:

(This is me trying to think positively. There is definitely a reality where this is VERY NOT GOOD)

  • What if we could take photos with our brain. Double blink = Photo?

  • Imagine we could record our dreams and watch them when we wake up. It puts a nice new spin on pillow talk

  • For my Harry Potter fans out there - imagine we could have our own Pensive of Hogwarts? #IfYouKnowYouKnow

I'd love to know some of your ideas - Leave them in the comments on the Twitter post above!

7 A.I Tools For Making The Most Of Your Time

Wait right there!

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Why do I keep it so short?

Because I know that your time is valuable.

So if you're trying to work longer hours to make more money,

Or you're looking to get a few hours back in your day,

Learn to leverage your time with A.I

Ive made of list of 7 A.I tools that save me hours every day

Ill send them all to you right now for FREE

All you have to do is go to the tweet here and follow the instructions

Bing Vs. ChatGPT: Which One Is The Best For YOU?

We get it. Youre up to your ears in A.I chats.

Honestly, Im drowning in them too.

So let me give you a breath of fresh air at my one - stop -shop for finding which A.I chat (Bing or ChatGPT) is the best for you.

Welcome in!

ChatGPT (the most popular by a landslide)


  • Free with easy access. I feel like theres a joke in here somewhere

  • Better at creative writing than any other A.I chat.

  • Offers more help- It will write things for you (like a cover letter/ homework/ email) whereas Bing just gives a guideline or tips.


  • To get the GPT-4 version you have to pay for ChatGPT PLUS ($20 a month)

  • Only knowsinformation up to 2021. That was soooo 2 years ago.

  • Has been called biased and controversial



  • Runs on GPT-4 for free. That's a BIG PRO. No where else can you find it for free.

  • Hasaccess to everyday information

  • Has different modes based on the type of answer you want. Whereas ChatGPT takes the one size fits all approach


  • You have to download Microsoft Edge. Super annoying.

  • Can only have 15 chats per conversation. For researchers, that's a NO GO.

  • Has a 150-conversation limit per day. Id be very impressed if you hit that but hey, to each their own.

  • Smaller character limit than ChatGPT

They are very similar, but these few differences are definitely worth noting.

So... Are you a Bing-er or a GPT-er??

(That sounded way cooler in my head)

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