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Biggest week for A.I EVER (GPT4, Midjourney V5)

This is Synthetic Mind, your A.I newsletter that feels like finding extra change in between your couch cushions. Its the small things in life.

Here's how we're closing out the week:

  • Best A.I Releases This Week

  • Today's Giveaway: 5 GPT-4 Prompts To Build Your Side Hustle

  • Baidus $4B Mistake

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Best A.I Releases This Week


What. A. Week.

It started on Tuesday with the GPT-4 release

And by Friday weve seen over 6 new A.I turnouts!

This was a BIG week for A.I.

But just between us

Its an even BIGGER week for you.

Think about it.

A.I tools are made to make your life easier.

Its just a matter of finding the right ones for you.

So last night I took one for the team and spent 3 hours finding the most useful GPT-4 tools so far.

Take a look:

  • GPT-4 Reviews Contracts. This one isnt a tool but its helpful. Before you sign any contract snap a pic of it to GPT-4. It will show you any loopholes or signs theyre trying to trick you. Heres to no more credit - killing gym memberships!

  • Duolingo- Theyve released a roleplay feature (not that kind of roleplay) that can have a conversation with you in any language.

  • Intercom- Its a customer service bot that just announced its GPT-4 chat named Fin. No training is required. Just connect it to your info center and bam - no more angry Karens.

  • Stripe- Its a payment process thats been around for a while. Now theyve added GPT-4 to catch fraudsters. Rumor has it that soon it will be used as a personal business coach to scale your business (you didnt hear it from me though).

Honestly, Im starting to feel like a kid in a candy store.

I would say its hard to choose a favorite

But Ive saved the best for last.

What could be better than roleplaying with A.I?

Microsofts 365 Copilot.


Copilot gets rid of all busywork (AKA 80% of my day)

Heres how:

  • It writes your notes in meetings and gives you a full summary for later. Camera off, snooze on.

  • Uses Loops to automate easy tasks. Quick and easy. Just how we like it.

  • Creates PowerPoint slides based on a prompt and your notes. From what Ive seen they look fan-tas-tic.

  • Reads emails and gives you the key info.

See why they call it a copilot?

It takes care of EVERYTHING

Oh, what a time to be alive

5 GPT-4 Prompts To Build Your Side Hustle

Woah there

Weve talked a lot about GPT-4 today

But theres still one more thing everyone is dying to know.

How can GPT-4 make us more money?

Well, its simple.

There are two reasons you ARENT making money with GPT-4.

  1. You dont know what prompts to use

  2. Youre still using GPT-3 prompts

That's why we put together FIVE GPT-4 prompts that will build you a 6 figure side hustle, from scratch.

Today were giving it away for FREE

All you have to do is go to the tweet here and follow the instructions:

Baidu's $4B Mistake

Something awkward just happened

It was one of those moments that wake you up at 3 am in a cold sweat thinking...

I cant believe I did that!

Right now, Baidu is thinking exactly that

ERNIE (Chinas version of ChatGPT) was released this week

But instead of a round of applause

Baidus stock dropped 6.4%.

Costing them *checks calculator* $4 BILLION


The sad part is it wasnt ERNIEs fault.

Actually, they were doomed before ERNIE even hit the stage.

The whole thing came crashing down when the crowd realized they would not see ERNIE live.

Instead, the whole presentation was a pre-recorded video.


Lets just say the crowd was NOT happy.

But wait

Are you ready for the cherry on top?

The last straw if you will?

ERNIE has no set release date - the one thing everyone wanted to know

Double oops.

All we know is that ERNIE can only be used by a few secret people...

With no release date in sight.

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Thats it for today folks! As always, stay curious and well see you next week!

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