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GPT-4 is LIVE... here's what you need to know

This is Synthetic Mind with your annual reminder that today is Pie Day. If after all these years you still dont get it, thats ok just enjoy your pie.

Here's how we're closing out the week:

  • GPT-4 Is Here

  • 3 A.I Tools That Make You $$

  • A.I Becomes International Weapon

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GPT-4 Is Here

We know youve heard the news.

I mean come on.

OpenAI practically screamed it.


It was about time too.

Waiting for GPT-4 was starting to feel like waiting for the next Avatar.

So when I woke up this morning to see that it was finally here

I cleared my schedule for the rest of the day.

Then I spent the next five hours going down one hell of a rabbit hole to figure out just what this means for us.

Heres everything I found on GPT-4:

  • Its Multimodal- It can understand images, sound, and text. Soon youll be able to submit a picture to ChatGPT and it will tell you exactly whats going on. Pro tip: Next time you eat something new, snap a pic to ChatGPT and ask for the recipe.

  • Personal Data Analyst- It can understand images now. So any research or stats you have that you cant quite understand (or just dont feel like trying), just ask ChatGPT to pick up the slack.

  • Bigger Data Sets- With data, size DOES matter. The more information the A.I chat has, the better its responses.

  • Better Manners- OpenAI has found themselves in some hot water with ChatGPT giving biased answers. It also gave out info that it should not have - like how to make a weapon. It seems this time that wont be an issue.

I only see one major problem here.

More Modes = More Useful = More Money.

GPT-4 is just GPT-3 on roids. Its bigger and better, but not without consequences.

Its more expensive to train and use because its so much bigger.

Yet, the API waitlist for GPT-4 is longer than ever.

Meaning A.I tools will cost a lot more money to use.

But hey, at least well see some super cool new A.I tools.

Truth is - most A.I tools are garbage

In other news, lets be real for a second.

A.I is f*cking confusing.

Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. But it still leaves most of our heads spinning.

Thats why we released the top 3 tools to make money with A.I today.

Better yet? Its free.

All you have to do is go to the tweet here and follow the instructions

A.I Becomes International Weapon

At this point, everyone is jealous of A.I

Right now no one is more jealous than Maverick from Top Gun.


Because A.I is literally living his dream (or you could say flying it)

Think of it as the Tesla for the Air force: A.I flies the plane in combat so the pilot can focus on their target.

But this happened back in 2020.

Now its 3 years later and things have gotten WAY bigger than A.Is need for speed

A.I has become the shiny new war toy every country wants to play with.

Uh oh.

This can only go one of two ways:

#1- A.I becomes a very deadly weapon

Obviously this is the worst option. Unfortunately for us its the most likely choice.

Especially since its already happening:

  • Right now Ukraine is using A.I facial recognition in their fight against Russia.

  • South Korea is creating an A.I drone that are learning to target specific people

  • The U.S is training A.I to run combat machines for strategic fighting


I think we can all guess what happens if A.I becomes the newest weapon.

If not, watch Terminator

Thatll give you a pretty good idea.

#2- Countries only use A.I to train their military - not for fighting.

This is the option were all hoping for. Mostly because we dont all die in the end.

This would look like:

  • Using A.I simulation for combat training

  • A.I camera systems around bases and sensitive areas

  • For research on fighting tactics

Heres the thing though...

It will only take one country to ruin it for us all.

As soon as one person uses A.I as a weapon, everyone will follow suit.

Its a Dog - Eat - Dog - World.

Am I right?

Watcha Think?

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Thats it for today folks! Stay curious, and well see you Thursday!

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