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  • 📈 How Stanley 10x Their Profits in Less Than 5 Years

📈 How Stanley 10x Their Profits in Less Than 5 Years

📈 How Stanley 10x Their Profits in Less Than 5 Years

Stanley increased their revenue tenfold from $70M in 2019 to $750M in 2023. 

What’s even crazier?

They didn’t make any drastic changes to their products. 

So what changed? How did a 110-year-old company all of a sudden come into the spotlight?

Here’s what we got for ya:

  • 🦾 Revolutionizing Stanley

  • 📚 Marketing 101 with Terence Reilly

  • 📱 The Power of Social Media

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🦾 Revolutionizing Stanley

Stanley is a 110-year-old company. For most of that time, they had a small selection of colors and products aimed at a very specific consumer: the outdoorsman and laborer.

The Stanley tumblers, cups, and bottles were always tucked away in the camping section of stores.

The ads were also extremely targeted, like this ad for male construction workers.

But in 2019, everything changed.

Stanley unwittingly (at first) tapped into a whole new market, one that would change the future of the company forever…

In 2016, they released a new product: the Quencher. 

At first, it didn’t get much attention. 

So after 3 years on the market, Stanley discontinued the Quencher.

But the problem wasn’t the product. Sometimes you have the right product but are targeting the wrong audience.

Meanwhile, three stay-at-home moms, with no prior business experience, fell in love with the Quencher.

 They had just started an Instagram called “The Buy Guide” to share their favorite products, and the Stanley tumbler was their second post.

They saw the Quencher as perfect for busy moms and working women due to its large size, handle, dishwasher safety, cup holder friendliness, ability to keep ice cold for 12+ hours, and straw. 

Instead of giving up, they convinced Stanley to give them 5,000 to sell, which sold out in 4 days. Stanley remained skeptical, so The Buy Guide did it again, selling another 5,000 cups in just an hour.

The Quencher was back in business. With the help of these moms, Stanley rebranded the Quencher for women by adding more colors and updating their website. 

But selling 10,000 cups is one thing. How did Stanley sell over 10M by 2023?

More on this:

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3️⃣ Topic 3

Terence Reilly was the Chief Marketing Officer of Crocs. He changed Crocs from an ugly shoe to a still-ugly shoe, but one that everyone must have.

And in 2020, as the new CEO of Stanley, he transitioned a workman's tumbler into a pop-culture staple. 

What’s Reilly’s secret?

It’s all about connection. 

If you listen, consumers will tell you exactly what they want to buy, so you have to invite your audience to create the story with you.

Stanley does this in a few different ways:

#1- Customizable tumblers: Now you can literally create your own Stanley design. 

#2 - Adapting to a new audience: Stanley directed its product to women with new colors and marketing. The front page of their website currently has 2 women and a pink tumbler, something that would never have happened 10 years ago.

With this new brand image, Stanley welcomes its new audience.

#3 - Social dominance: The Quencher is no longer a utilitarian product, but a social identifier.

Kids are even being bullied in school for not having a Stanley tumbler…


I in fact did not keep it short and sweet 🤦🏼‍♀️ apparently needed to get this off my chest! 🤷‍♀️ #stanleycups #valentinestanley #targetsta... See more

Basically, spending $45 on a Stanley cup grants you entry into an exclusive club of girls proudly carrying their own Stanley cups.

Keep reading to find out how Stanley used social media to increase popularity.

More on this:

📱 The Power of Social Media

Stanley creates social media content that resonates with its fans. Fans also create content to share their love for the product.

TikTok has been very influential in the brand’s growth. The #stanleytumbler has 665M+ views on TikTok.

The company’s own account @stanleybrand has 1.1M followers on TikTok. Their most watched video, at 57.3M views, is of a stitch with a woman whose car burned down.


#stitch with @Danielle Stanley has your back ❤️

Everything in her car was completely destroyed. Everything except her Stanley cup.

Stanley used this attention to highlight the quality of the brand. What better way to say your cup is heat resistant than to show that after a fire, there is still ice inside?

To highlight the community of the brand, CEO Terrence Reilly shows he cares for his customers by giving the woman free Stanley cups and a brand new car. 

Stanley also releases limited edition cups, using social media to promote them.

In 2023, partnered with country singer Lainey Wilson to create a limited edition gold Stanley.

Stanley, a 110-year-old company, 10x their profits in less than 5 years by adapting their quality product to a new audience and learning how to connect with them.

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