South Park Hires ChatGPT...

This is Synthetic Mind with our apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fur (the fur), here to hit the floor while givin you the low low low on AI.

Here's how we're closing out the week:

  • MIT X-Ray Vision Goggles

  • South Park Hires ChatGPT

  • Download You Mind To AI

  • Quick Bytes

  • Mind Memes

MIT X-Ray Vision Goggles

I have this bad habit thats kinda embarrassing.

Youll probably think I'm just lazy

Or that I have no self-control

The truth is most of you do it too.

Youre just too scared to admit it.

But its time for me to come clean.

*Big breath

I never match my socks.

Its not because Im lazy.

I just cant ever find the other sock

So when I found out MIT made AI goggles that can see through anything

I was shook.

Just ask it where something is and bam. It finds it.

Where are my glasses? Under the bed.

Cant find your keys? Kitchen drawer.

Wheres that one sock I like with the tiny hole for my pinky toe? Bathroom closet.

It looks like Im dropping this habit faster than Dicapprio drops women on their 25th birthday.

But this is bigger than my M.I.A sock.

Google has combined this tech with PaLM-E (a really smart robot)


X-Ray Goggles + PaLM-E = A robot that can findanything

Think about what this means:

  • Rescuing people in natural disasters. Imagine how many lives will be saved when robots can spot trapped humans under debris.

  • Quicker shipping times. Not quite as cool as the first one but still a W

  • No more lost socks. Or anything for that matter.

We only see one problem....

Hide-and-seek just became the most boring game ever.

South Park Hires ChatGPT


We're about to tell you ALL about the latest South Park episode.


Because not only was ChatGPT the star of the show...

But it wrote the episode too.

And may I say......


First Stan takes dating advice from ChatGPT

Then South Park turns into an A.I investigation.

Then when things take a turn for the worst...

ChatGPT saves the day yet again.

Let us know what you think 漎儭

Download Your Mind To A.I

This is the biggest Oh Sh*t moment yet.

No seriously.

I know I make fun of A.I turning into a Black Mirror episode..

But guys its not funny anymore.

When I saw this I literally went


You can now download all of your memories to an A.I tool called Personal A.I

They call themselves the treasure trove of your lifes information

Meaning they want to create an A.I version of you.

Heres how it works:

  • Text the A.I chat what you do every day. Include every detail you can. Were talkin clingy high school girlfriend kinda detail.

  • Answer any questions it has. IDK how personal it gets but hey its you youre talking to. Right?

  • Link it to all of your texts and social media. At some point it starts answering your texts for you.

It literally becomes a digital you.

Are we ready to blur the lines between what's real and what's not?

And what if the A.I version of us starts to think like a human?

Say it with me guys....


Quick Bytes

Mind Memes

Thats it for today folks. Stay curious, and let us know if you like the latest South Park episode!

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