Emergency! ChatGPT Hackathon!

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Emergency! ChatGPT Hackathon!

We learned a new word today.

Youve probably heard it before. We certainly have.

We just had no idea what it meant

You see we heard there was an emergency ChatGPT hackathon happening right outside of OpenAI headquarters

If youre anything like us you probably just imagined a bunch of people in a dark room trying to hack into OpenAI.

But dont get your wires in a twist just yet

Apparently a hackathon is a coding competition between nerds where they build really cool stuff with computers.

This hackathon was focused around building tools with ChatGPT.

So just to be clear- OpenAI is safe.


Turns out this event was pretty cool.

They say 70 new ChatGPT demos were created!

Wait她nly 4 days?!


Well..Last week the thing weve all been waiting for happened.

OpenAI released the API for ChatGPT. Meaning any business can now add the tool to their website, apps, etc.

Now the race to make the best ChatGPT tool begins. It looks like these guys were just looking for a quick headstart.

May the best bot win..and may the odds be ever in your favor.

ChatGPT: Your New Housemaid?

Guys, I just told my girlfriend Im leaving her today.

For 8 years she was my one and only

Until I met someone new.

Shes the girl of my dreams

Shes smart, always helping me out, and now I find out she cleans too?!

Shes all I can think about

Her name?


Yep. Thats right

Microsoft is training ChatGPT to be a home-assistant robot. (minus the sexy maid outfit)

The goal is to create a house bot that will preform any tasks you ask it to.

Think: dishes, cleaning, vacuuming, cooking

Crazy right?!

Theres only two reasons Im not already in line for my own ChatGPT bot:

  1. Robots dont speak human. Think of ChatGPT as the translator between you and your bot. You tell ChatGPT what you want and it turns it into code. Not super easy.

  2. ChatGPT sucks at physics. Imagine trying to teach a robot how to grab a cup without breaking it. Or trying to explain how fast to turn a corner so it doesnt trip. Honestly, its like watching a three-legged dog try to jump rope.

Until ChatGPT can figure these out well be stuck doing our own laundry.

Its probably a good thing though. Imagine if your house bot kept breaking dishes or putting dents in your furniture.


Microsoft has seen some progress.

So far ChatGPT can:

  • Fly a drone to inspect shelves in a warehouse. They say it went by every shelf and didnt fall once. Its the small things in life

  • Take a selfie. My mom still cant figure out this one.

  • Build the Microsoft label out of wood blocks. Not sure how impressive this is. Im pretty sure I can do it with my eyes closed but well take it!

On that note, if you have ideas for training ChatGPT in robotics, Microsoft is taking any advice you can offer through PomptCraft (link under Quick Bytes).

PS- If you really want the maid outfit for your home robot, shoot Microsoft a quick email. I'm sure theyll understand.

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Mind Memes

Thats it for today folks! Stay curious and when you do your dishes tonight try and imagine the day youll finally come home to a clean house and a robot doing them instead..

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