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  • China Bans ChatGPT For Sharing Secrets

  • Elon Musk Creates ChatGPT Rival

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China Bans ChatGPT For Sharing Secrets

It must be laundry day because Chinas dirty laundry has been put out for display.

ChatGPT EXPOSED China and all its dirty little secrets to the world last week.

And let me tell you

China was not too happy about it.

Heres what was covered:

  • Chinas re-education camps

  • Forced labor of ethnic minorities

  • Human rights abuse

Yeah definetly not a good look.

China is blaming the US for ChatGPTs big mouth.

They say AI is being used by Americans to spread lies to their citizens.

Dun Dunnn Dunnnnn

The result?

ChatGPT is now banned in China.

This is BIG.

Almost like how when you crack your back and someone always says whoah. That was a BIG one.

Yeah. Were talking back cracken BIG.


China is competing in the AI arms race...

(Their own ChatGPT release was announced last month)

But this will slow its progress wayyy down.

Think about it

AI language models learn by talking to people and analyzing data

As of right now:

  • Most people arent allowed to use it. Thats like trying to learn a new language without speaking it. Why bother?

  • Only some topics are allowed.

  • Businesses dont have full access. Where else can it gather data?

Other A.I chats dont have these problems. Giving them one hell of a leg up on China.

And as Ricky Bobby would sayIf you aint first, youre last

China may be taking the L on this one.

Elon Musk Creates ChatGPT Rival

Is it just me or are you up to your ears in A.I chats?

Honestly, its starting to remind me of the Fast and Furious series.

Not only are there too many, but they just seem to be getting crazier and crazier.

From Bings I want to be human to ChatGPTs social score

We may be taking a bigger byte than we can swallow.

Elon Musk certainly thinks so

Remember ladies and gentlemen, this is coming from the man who uploaded his brain to a cloud. So if hes scared, you should be too.

Lucky for us Musk doesnt plan to just sit back and relax as A.I takes over

Actually quite the opposite.

Musk is building a ChatGPT rival

Its ChatGPT but with a twist

Musk hasnt said much about it but we know it will be:

  • More regulated than other AI chats. He compares AI to medicine to technology- both are great but need rules to keep people safe.

  • More up-to-date info. ChatGPT is right most of the time. Musk wants one thats right all of the time. Is it possible? If anyone can pull it off it would be him.

  • Not woke. Musk hates a woke bot more than art majors hate Midjorney

The only two questions left are when and where.

When: Unclear.

Musk has started creating his AI team. Starting with Igor Babuschkin: ex employee of Googles Deepmind. However timelines have been mentioned.

Where: Were thinking Twitter may host the A.I chat but nothing is confirmed

Who are you rooting for in the A.I arms race?

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Mind Memes

Thats it for today folks! Stay curious, and dont tell ChatGPT anything you dont want the rest of the world to know (she just cant keep a secret)!

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