AI Art Loses Copyright Protection

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  • AI Art Loses Copyright Protection

  • ChatGPT Now Gives Social Credit Scores

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AI Art Loses Copyright Protection

Heres the thing

The A.I - Art - Hustle train couldnt go on forever.

We know it was fun while it lasted. We were told some of you made millions

But the good times of selling your DALL-E art on ETSY just came to a screeching stop:

Copyright will not protect A.I art.

What does this mean?

Why cant you keep your not - so - secret money tree?

A few reasons:

  • Its not considered human made. Only things made by humans are protected under copyright. Seems a bit harsh but ok.

  • Copyrighted images are used in A.I - generated art. Technically that art was never yours to begin with.

  • You werent the mastermind behind the whole thing. Meaning every detail wasnt yours. So just typing a few words into Midjourney wont cut it.

Now anyone can sell your A.I art without asking. Making the supply higher than the demand.

So your art = Zilch

Heres what were wondering though

How long can this Anti - AI - Copyright thing last?

Everything is already being A.I-ified: Music. Radio. Movies.

Even my grandmas bestie Bing.

Were starting to see A.I as a part of things. A tool that we use to make things better.

So why cant creativity be the same way?

Think about it:

  • Singers sample other artists songs

  • WTF would you consider a collage then?

  • You came up with the original idea anyways. A.I just made it happen.

Saying A.I cant be a part of creativity is like saying you dont use spellcheck on your emails.

Either way, we dont see this copyright law sticking.

ChatGPT Now Gives Social Credit Scores

ChatGPT is back at it again.

Every week is always something new: Fighting with Google, passing its med. exam, finding new gold mines

This time things get a little but scarier

Even scarier than forgetting your wifes birthday for third year in a row.


ChatGPT now gives social credit scores- Basically a number that shows how much people like you.

Heres how it ranked 15 major public figures:

Dr. Fauci: +10

Elon Musk: -9

Dr. Peterson: -10

A negative ten?!


No worries though. Dr. Peterson took it like a CHAMP:

Others like Dr. Malone who maxed out at -3 did not:

Hes got a point though There does seem to be a bit of a trend here.

Favorites = Anyone associated with public health

Sh*t list = Right - wing propaganda and controversial views

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Do I smell bias?

From being woke to profiling good doctors as white..

ChatGPT is no stranger to the B word. Dont expect it to stop anytime soon either

To get rid of all bias will require a lot of time and training.

Remember, the internet trained ChatGPT. So any bias on the internet flows into it.

Thats a whole lotta bias.

But since were not there yet, ChatGPT shouldnt be used to create social scores any time soon.

Although it is an interesting thought

Will A.I ever be used to determine social standing?

I think I'd rather take on the angry wife.

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Mind Memes

Thats all we have for you today folks. Stay curious, and rest easy knowing that even when things dont seem great, at least you havent been given a -10 social score.

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