🧠 How to rewire your brain for success

🧠 How To Rewire Your Brain For Success

Congrats, you’ve reached 2024.

And if you’re like most people, you’ve made a New Year's Resolution.

And whether you’ve promised to hit the gym more, make more money, or build a new habit…

The bottom line is you want this year to be your best yet.

So for our first edition of the year, I want to talk about success.

Specifically, the science behind it.

So whether you’re new to business, want to have your best year yet, or already feel a bit burned out…

Here’s how you can rewire your brain to set yourself up for a strong year. 

Here’s what we got for you today:

  • 💀 The Fatal 3

  • 🌎 Manipulating Your Environment

  • ⭕️ Breaking Your Circle

Read Time: 5 min 9 sec

💀 The Fatal 3

Whether it’s your side hustle, main job, business, or simply trying to improve at something…

3 factors will determine your ability to succeed:

  1. Your knowledge

  2. Your environment

  3. Your limiting beliefs

Each of these is a ‘bottleneck’ to success. This means you can be excellent in two of the categories, but only one will hold you back.

So all you need to do is find your bottleneck.

In the next 3 minutes, we’ll go through all 3 of them to find yours.

Bottleneck #1 - Your knowledge

I’d say this is the biggest bottleneck, especially for new business.

(So big, that some businesses never get out of this stage)

In “Sell Like Crazy”, CEO Sabri Suby solves this with The Pareto Principle.

AKA the 80/20 rule.

Essentially, it means that 20% of your input creates 80% of the result.

When you’re stuck and not seeing the progress you want, you’re most likely spending time on tasks that don’t lead to the right output (revenue).

Here’s how to find your 20%:

  1. List out every task you do in your business

  2. Find out how many activities would be 20% (let’s say it’s 3 tasks)

  3. Find 3 tasks that directly produce the most revenue and that would be most difficult to hire for.

  4. Either get rid of the other 80% or hire someone who can do them.

This will not only help you find out where you make the most money but also allow you to put more brain power towards it and understand what to do next.

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🌎 Manipulating Your Environment

It’s not enough just to do the right things. You have to:

  1. Do them long enough to be effective

  2. Be in an environment that allows you to do them well

And that brings us to Bottleneck #2: Your environment.

James Clear (author of Atomic Habits) talks about a study where a doctor rearranged the hospital cafeteria to help patients drink more water than soda.

But there was one rule - the patients had no idea this experiment was happening.

They had to want water as a result of the changes to the room.

The only thing the doctor did was move the water closer to the cash register, and the soda bottles farther away.

Here’s how the room looked before the experiment (A) and after (B)

Even though soda was equally available as it had been before, over the next three months soda sales dropped by 11.4%, while water sales increased 25.8%.

Why did this work?

Because of the strategic placement of the water, patients were given natural reminders to be healthier.

You are hurting yourself if you do not manipulate your environment to work for you.

PS - This goes beyond having a quiet workspace.

In order to reach the goals that you have set for 2024, you need to create a lifestyle that is aligned with your success.

This looks like:

  • Ensuring your family and friends respect your workday

  • You’re surrounded by those also working toward a similar goal

  • Having a consistent schedule that you can build a habit around

Etc etc.

Once you’re sure that what’s holding you back is not a skill or your environment, then the only thing left is your beliefs.

Let’s talk about how a surgeon named Maxwell Maltz teaches his patients to rewire their brains for success.

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⭕️ Breaking Your Circle

There’s a famous experiment where you can trap an ant on a piece of paper by drawing a circle around it.

To us, the circle is imaginary. To the ant, it’s an obstacle it can’t cross.

The ant will stay trapped for a few minutes. But once the ant realizes it can break the ‘imaginary’ barrier, it cannot be trapped by the same color marker again.

You need to find your imaginary circles - the boundaries that you think are real but are simply a limiting belief.

In his book Psycho-Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz explains the two major types of achievement-based beliefs:

  1. The ones we believe are possible for someone to achieve.

  2. The ones we believe we can achieve ourselves.

The first type of belief is formed by surrounding and learning from those who ‘break’ the barrier of what you thought possible.

However, it doesn’t matter how much you know, what skills you have, or who you surround yourself with… without having a thinking pattern that supports success you will achieve nothing.

Maxwell suggests breaking and building feedback loops.

You do NOT want feedback loops that reinforce that you cannot do something

(AKA your circle)

EX - You’re offered a new opportunity → You don’t think you can do it → You don’t do it → You don’t think you can do hard things

However, you do want feedback loops that reinforce an image of you that aligns with your success.

EX - You’re offered a new opportunity → You want to be someone who accepts challenges → You accept → [ loop breaks ] → You’ve programmed your brain to operate like someone who accepts challenges

Break the loops (beliefs) that are stopping you from success, and build the loops that help you succeed.

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