A.I takes on Minecraft with Microsoft

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  • AI Takes On Minecraft With Microsoft

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Figure: The New Job Snatcher

Youre not going to like what Im about to tell you.

Honestly, most of you wont make it to the end.

But thats ok, not all of us can handle the truth.

Most importantly, dont forget.

We tried to warn you

Let me start from the beginning -

Before dating a cheerleader was enough to check you into the cool kids club.

Now everything is flipped. Nerd is in.

Oh, you think Im kidding?

Nerds make everything from the phone youre holding to this A.I. newsletter.

This is their world, were just living in it.

Most of all, Brett Adcock who in 2022 came straight outta left field throwing us the catch of the century: Figure- an AI robotic company thats going to change the labor force as we know it.

Construction? Gone.

Landscapers? Gone.

Cashiers? Gone.

Just in case your mind didnt just explode, let me explain just what exactly that means.

  • 60% of all the money made in the US goes to workers in physical labor AKA about $12.86 TRILLION every year. Thats like 2,000,000,000,000 Chipotle burritos

  • 50% of all the money made in the WORLD goes to physical labor. Thats roughly $40 Trillion every year. My brain wont even calculate how many burritos that could buy.

  • Replacing labor just makes sense. Its faster and cheaper.

All we can say for sure is that to big businesses, AI just became the best thing since sliced bread. The question now is who gets the first byte?

Figures Robot Release Game Plan -

  1. Just now putting the finishing touches on a full-scale human robot. We dont know what exactly it can do but theres no doubt we will know soon maybe even a little too soon.

  2. Will first sell to businesses with labor shortages.

  3. After that, first - come - first serve. Does that mean we all just lost our jobs? Yup.

Dont fret, you can wipe that tear you just shed because not only is Figure hiring (so you can get in on the winning side early) but AI has also created so many new opportunities for jobs:


A.I. Takes On Minecraft With Microsoft

Just when I thought Karma was BS.

Microsoft pairs up with Minecraft.

Happy to see the door I held last week finally paying off.

Mhmm. From now on Im holding doors for errrrbody.

This A.I will do anything. Wheres the limit? The sky.

You want a castle? Done. Car? Say no more.

Heres how it works:

  • Dream up something crazy like a purple penguin in a diamond tree house

  • Say what you want (Dont forget to say please)

  • Purple penguin in diamond tree house appears in minutes

Crazy right?

Microsoft says its just an experiment ATM.

Apparently their A.I cant quite grasp whats being asked

For example, you want to say Build me a gold castle


"Build me a castle using gold thats 600 blocks high, 50 blocks wide, and with 50 rooms

'Cause ain't nobody got time for that.

We do see one issue here though.

Whats that saying? Nothing worth having comes easy?


Either way - it's still pretty damn cool.

So make sure to get all the good karma you can and well keep our fingers crossed for a quick release!

Quick Bytes

Mind Memes

Thats it for this week folks! Well see you soon, but until then stay curious and maybe start learning to code?

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