💰 How to be invincible in business

💰 3 Recession-Proof Business Skills

We’ve all been told to build a business that’s “recession-proof.”

A business that’s so durable it survives all economic turmoil and lasts for generations.

But the truth is, that’s not how it works. No business is technically recession-proof.

The people who own them are.

Today, we’ll talk about 3 recession-proof skills that make you invincible in business.

But first, you need to understand what ‘recession-proof’ really means…

Recession-proof skills are NOT understanding algorithms or using specific platforms. These change with time and may not be valuable 10 years from now.

To be recession-proof, you need skills that will ALWAYS make money, and compound over time.

Here’s what we got for ya:

  • ✏️ The Power Of Influence

  • ☕️ Business Like A Yeti Cup

  • 🗣 It’s What You Know AND It’s Who You Know

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✏️ The Power Of Influence

Every business has one goal - to make money.

So no matter what the economy looks like or what’s hot right now, you will ALWAYS have an income if you can make others money.

My favorite money-making skill?


Here’s why:

  • Best case scenario you sell your product to make money.

  • Worst case scenario you work as a copywriter selling someone else's product.

  • It’s free to write and can be used a million times over to convert attention into money. Whereas sales calls, speeches, and videos have a bit more friction.

On a basic level, copywriting measures your ability to capture attention, communicate with a stranger, and convince them to take action.

AKA a measure of your ability to influence an audience.

And the more people you can influence at scale (with copywriting or something else), the more recession-proof you are.

On that note, I recommend reading the book Influence by Robert Cialdini.

🤝 Brought To You By The Average Joe

The “IKEA Instructions for Investing”

Assembling IKEA tables got you feelin’ like the Steph Curry of furniture?

The Average Joe will turn you into the Marie Kondo of investing. Organized, calm and ready to conquer the markets.

Their newsletters are the “IKEA instructions for investing” — short, simple and concise — filled with market trends and insights.

But you don’t read IKEA manuals on your spare time and you wouldn’t read financial publications for fun. Until now…

☕️ Business Like A Yeti Cup

“Starting a business intellectually is very easy… Companies like Uber and WeWork are very simple to execute. What’s really hard is controlling your emotions. This is not an intellectual game. It’s an emotional game.”

- Sam Parr (The CEO of The Hustle)

Building a business itself is NOT the hard part. The hard part is learning to manage yourself as a business owner.

As an entrepreneur, you have to deal with:

  • Ups and downs in sales

  • Employees going MIA

  • Your personal life/ emotional state

Etc etc.

None of these can impact your long-term decisions.

In an interview, Alex Hormozi (The CEO of Aquisition.com) listed 3 traits he looks for in a CEO before investing in their business.

The #1 trait? Emotional resilience.

Are they able to delay gratification? Are they reactive to stress? How do they make decisions?

Hormozi looks for what he calls “entrepreneurs that are like a Yeti Mug

YOU have to maintain a consistent environment inside of your business despite the ‘noise’ around you.

If you’re interested, check out The School Of Life YouTube channel recommended by Sam Parr. It takes a deep dive into the science of emotional resilience.

🗣 It’s What You Know AND It’s Who You Know

YouTube has over 800 million videos.

Instagram has over 200,000 million business accounts.

Over 57% of US companies post content on Twitter.

Information is everywhere, and all of your competitors have access to it. 

Knowledge does not give you an edge anymore. Today, our ‘edge’ comes from:

  • Your ability to find the right information

  • Your ability to implement that information

  • Your access to those who are where you want to be.

Whether you call it resourcefulness, adaptability, or networking…

To be truly invincible, you need to master the skill of learning from the correct people and applying it to your business.

From my experience, the best way to do this is to become an asset to the top people in your space.

This way they find value in you, and you gain value from them.

I’ve personally done this by:

  • Buying their course/ program

  • Going to the same masterminds/ events that they do

  • Reaching out on social media (Do NOT reach out asking for advice. Make sure to give them a reason that benefits them to talk with you)

Hope this helps!

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