🎨 The Art Of Profitable Attention

💰 The Secret To Successful Marketing

Guerilla marketing - the scariest and sexiest tool for any business. 

What is it?

It’s when businesses do something BIG to bring in new customers. And when I say BIG, I’m talking something like this…

Gold Toe launches underwear line

It’s new. It’s exciting. It’s also very risky…

Remember when Snapple tried to build a 25-foot-tall and 17.5-ton popsicle in NYC?

A few hours later Manhattan was flooded with Pink Snapple juice and major streets were closed for hours.

So when it works, guerilla marketing is a great tool:

But when it doesn’t you risk everything.

Today, we’ll talk about how top companies like Redbull and Adobe have mastered guerilla marketing and built a technique that’s inexpensive, effective, and scalable.

Here’s what we got for ya:

  • 🎨 The Art Of Profitable Attention

  • 📱Deadpool On Tinder

  • 📈 Guerilla Marketing At Scale

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🎨 The Art Of Profitable Attention

Take any business and ask how they bring in sales. Most of the time it’s something like:

Facebook Ads → Landing Page → Sale → Pay for more ads

But that’s basic. And marketing should be ANYTHING but basic.

Your marketing should break through the noise and scream ‘Listen to me’ in a way that Facebook ads can’t.

To do this, you’ll need to make two things happen:

#1 - Reach a lot of eyeballs at a low cost

Adobe does this beautifully with their “Redesigning signs in New York” TikToks.

This guy goes around NYC redesigning ads using Adobe Photoshop to help boost their sales. (You can watch the video here)

It was free to post on TikTok, Adobe reached millions of customers, and most didn’t realize it was an ad.

#2 - Every consumer needs to feel something, and think “Oh, this was made for me.”

In 1950, a man named Rosser Reeves passed a homeless man holding a sign “I am blind.”

Reeves felt bad and told the homeless man to add 4 words to his sign to double his earnings.

When Reeves finished, the sign read “It is Springtime, and I am blind.”

Very few can relate to a blind man. Most can relate to missing the joy of seeing Spring.

It costs the homeless man no extra money to add the 4 words. Yet he doubled his earnings all because he sparked a deeper sense of empathy.


Facts tell, but stories sell.

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📱Deadpool On Tinder

Here are 5 of the highest-converting guerilla marketing campaigns. Each one received over 57K shares across social media and brought in millions in revenue.

#1 - Deadpool’s Tinder Account

(Marketing for the Deadpool movie)

#2 - Frontline Flea + Tick Spray

#3 - Surreal Cereal’s ‘Fake Celebrities”

This cereal company found random people with celebrity names to give testimonials to their cereal.

#4 - Twentieth Century Fox’s Mystery Spies

For hired twenty models dressed as the Red Sparrow to hand out business cards with the movie’s showtimes.

#5 - Redbull’s Operation Stratos

This was the highest-recorded skydive ever - sponsored by Redbull.

📈 Guerilla Marketing At Scale

‘Guerilla marketing’ and ‘Scale’ are basically opposites.

Guerilla marketing is out of the ordinary, loud, and by nature hard to replicate.

Yet, when you scale in a business you want replicable systems that fit nicely into an SOP.

But here’s the thing…

Guerilla marketing is at its core winning by the element of surprise. Not necessarily something big or expensive.

So, if you can incorporate small things into your business that shock buyers enough that they remember YOU…

You’ve mastered guerrilla marketing at scale.

Here are 3 examples of guerilla marketing that have been used on me and worked.

#1 - Snickers

This image was sent to my email with a link to bulk-order Snickers for Halloween.

Shocking. Funny. Concise.

#2 - Handwritten Cards

A few months ago I signed up for a SAAS tool. One week later I received a handwritten card from the CEO inviting me to the community.

This image is from their company - I don’t have the card anymore

Even though I know the CEO did not write the letter himself and probably hired a company to write it… I’ll never forget it.

#3 - Free Quizzes

Everyone uses eBooks, webinars, and templates as lead magnets. That won’t catch attention anymore.

But using a quiz as a lead magnet is new and killing it. It’s pretty simple:

Run ads to a free quiz that will answer a question your audience has → Users provide an email in exchange for their results.

Hope this helps!

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