🤫 The hidden sales hack

🤫 How To Sell Anything

It was 7:05 am in Costa Rica, and I was running late.

I was at a 4-day mastermind for agency owners, and I was 5 minutes late to a speech I’d been excited about for weeks.

So I ran to the auditorium and squeezed my way into the first row.

And when I looked up, what I saw on the screen changed everything for me…

What was on the screen?

In the speaker's words, it was the secret ingredient to sales that every business owner, marketer, and writer needs…

It’s the one hack that anyone can use to sell anything, to anyone…

A story.

Here’s what we got for ya today:

  • 💰 Facts Tell, Stories Sell

  • 🦸🏻‍♂️ The Hero’s Journey

  • 📚 Stories That Sell

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💰 Facts Tell, Stories Sell

On the screen, the speaker was explaining what’s called The Hero’s Journey.

We’ll get to that in a bit and why you should care about it, but first let’s talk about why you need a story.

The short answer: People buy with emotion and justify with logic.

No one cares that you save clients $10K with your new lead generation tool. But, if you say something like…

“Jim, I’ve been where you’re at right now. I spent days cold calling. But once I tried this lead tool, my calendar filled up and no one has told me to f*ck off since!”

Your chance for a sale increases dramatically. Because once Jim thinks “Oh wow, that would be nice”, he then looks at your numbers to justify working with you.

Stories do three things for you that pitches don’t:

  • Holds attention

  • You can sell your clients without scaring them off

  • Are more memorable (that’s why we teach children lessons in stories)

You can also sell a story around your product or brand. Nike does a great job of this.

For every pair of shoes, Nike includes a start-to-finish story of how the shoe came to life.

For instance, Jordans are “a shoe that told the story of becoming the Greatest of All Time.”

Nike doesn’t sell shoes. Nike sells stories.

PS - Here’s a video breaking down the Hastens VSL that uses a story to sell a $500K bed.

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🦸🏻‍♂️ The Hero’s Journey

Ok, now back to The Hero’s Journey. What is it and why should you care?

Well, think of it as a roadmap to stories that sell.

The original version has 17 steps and was used for playwriting. However, I simplified it for you as it relates to sales.

Step #1 - Character. Your story should start with your character that has a problem you can solve.

The character of your story should be either you or someone your audience can relate to (a past client, or your avatar).

Step #2 - The character meets a guide (You). Position your business as the solution to their problem.

If your character wants to grow on Instagram, your course will get them to 100K followers.

Step #3 - The CTA. Once you give them the solution, they have to decide to take action (buy).

Your story will convince them in two ways - either your character took action and found success, or they didn’t and are now a failure.

Step #4 - The finale. Whether you choose a failure or success story, paint the picture of your character’s life after they choose to buy (or not) from you.

Use this in ads, sales copy, content, your brand story… everywhere.

📚 Stories That Sell

Here are a few examples of stories that are bringing in millions, all by using The Hero’s Journey.

Teens texting while driving → Are told not to → Do it anyways → Lives are lost

Man feels trapped in an old body → Finds his Adidas running shoes → Puts on shoes → Goes on a run and feels young again

#3 - Malala Yousafzai (The Mission Story)

A girl fighting for an education → Is shot by Taliban → She lives and decides to keep fighting for an education → Inspires thousands of women

I hope these give you some ideas!

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