👑 The king of marketing

👑 The King Of Marketing

We talk a lot about business.

Every week we give you insights into business models, strategies, and marketing tips.

But as I was going through some of my past editions, I realized something….

I have yet to give you the one marketing tool that every entrepreneur should be using… even if you have nothing to sell yet.

  • Has generated almost $11B in revenue this year

  • Is used by 4 billion buyers daily (that’s double Facebook)

  • Generates $36 for every dollar spent

Some even call it ‘The King Of Marketing.”

What’s the tool?

Email lists.

Here’s what we got for ya today:

  • 📧 The Power Of Email

  • 🛠 How To Build A List For Free

  • 🧰 Your Email List Toolbox

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📧 The Power Of Email

"If you were to strip me down naked, take my contacts, take my joint ventures, any brand equity... and told me that I could only use one tool to go from $0 to where I am now... I would choose my email list"

- Sabri Suby (Shark Tank)

Most think email lists are only for businesses selling things… and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your email list is simply a list of people who are interested in the same things you are and want to learn from you.

So other than making money, building an email list will:

  • Help you establish an audience for when you build a business/ launch a product

  • Boost your content like YouTube videos, helpful posts, and articles

  • Offer you networking opportunities

  • Help you with market research

(And if all else fails, you can turn your email list into a business. Here’s our step-by-step guide to growing a newsletter business).

Think of building an email list like you’re building a brand.

Here’s why I like building a brand with email over social media:

#1 - Less competition. Fewer people are emailing your audience than people posting on social media.

#2 - You’re not fighting an algorithm. With any platform, not everyone who follows/subscribes to you will see your content.

With email, almost every subscriber you have will receive your email.

#3 - It’s an asset you can control. What will you do if Facebook suddenly bans your account from running ads? What will you do if YouTube demonetizes you for months? None of this is a problem with emails.

You own your asset.

Now let’s talk about how to build a list that buys.

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🛠 How To Build A List For Free

Word of advice - Keep your email list sketch-free. Don’t trick people into signing up, don’t buy emails, and certainly don’t sell your list.

Follow this super simple formula - Give value in exchange for their email.

Yes, it’s really that simple.

You want people to WANT you in their inbox. If they don’t you’ll get a ton of unsubscribes and spam reports which will hurt your ability to land in future inboxes.

Here’s how to do this for free: 

#1 - Lead Magnets 

The most foolproof way to build a list is to offer a free resource like templates, databases, training, etc in exchange for an email.

You can drive traffic to them for free by posting them on social media and sites like Etsy.

If you’re starting without a business or anything to sell, pick 3-5 niches you know a lot about. Then test each magnet and make more in the niche that converts the best.

PS - If you’re willing to spend a little money, try running ads to your lead magnet!

#2 - Growth Loops

A few weeks ago we talked about Growth Loops. AKA the secret to free marketing. Basically, it’s growing your product by using your audience as a driver.

There are two main growth loops you can use to grow your list:

  1. Incentivizing your audience to share your emails/ lead magnet.
    EX - For this newsletter, you get access to our private discord by referring someone!

  2. By creating content that people want to share (tips, insights, and news)

#3 - A Link In Your Bio/ Descriptions.

If you’re already growing a brand, post your subscribe link in your bio and descriptions. It’s no extra work and will have the highest-value sub.

If you build a lead magnet, post a link to that instead.

🧰 Your Email List Toolbox

Take it from me, mastering email marketing is not easy. Yet, the better you are at it the more money you’ll make.

Here are 3 resources to get started (some are linked above for convenience).

#1 - How to find the best email software for collecting and sending emails. This guy tested all the major email platforms to help you choose the best one for you.

#2 - How to write emails that sell. Building a list is just step #1. Now you need to write emails that work.

#3 - A list of 63 lead magnets that convert in any niche. Try a few different ones and save them. You can then add them to other products to boost value.

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