💼 Use A.I to 10x your LinkedIn game

I’m having a major case of Deja vu…

It’s been a while since I’ve reported on A.I and honestly I thought I’d never look back…

But some big A.I updates are coming soon that you should know about.

In my opinion, everyone in business should be using A.I in some way. Because it’s not about how hard you work, it’s how smart you work.

So for those of you missing the old us… This one’s for you.

Here’s what we got for ya:

  • 📧 Microsoft Announces 365 Chat

  • 📱YouTube Goes All In On A.I

  • 💼 Use A.I to 10x Your LinkedIn Game

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PS: I have an A.I surprise you at the end 😉 

📧 Microsoft Announces 365 Chat

On November 1st, Microsoft will unleash their Microsoft 365 Chat.

This will be a new tool that you can train to complete tasks like managing your inbox and planning meetings.

In my opinion, this could easily give you 2+ hours back a day.

Here’s what we know:

  • Will summarize all of your emails and draft replies for you to review.

  • Can create daily to-do lists and event plans based on emails/notes/ meeting summaries

  • Will use your notes to build presentations for your team members

  • Can automatically schedule requested meetings on your calendar

In 2023, you should NEVER spend time on tasks that A.I can do in seconds. Think about it…

If you consistently save 2+ hours every workday, that’s an extra 10 hours a week that can be spent on the real ‘needle-movers’ for your business.

So make sure to keep testing different A.I tools like this to find one that fits you best.

Click the button below to apply now!

📱YouTube Goes All In On A.I

We talk a lot about content here at Profit Snack. Why?

Because in the next 10 years, your business will be only as good as your content.

This month, YouTube announced a few new A.I features that will make your social media marketing 10x easier.

Here are the top 3:

#1 - A.I insights for Creators. YouTube will soon give you A.I generated video ideas and outlines for you based on what’s trending.

Each outline is personalized to your content style and they’re teasing the idea of script generation as well.

It’s like your own personal YouTube mentor with the inside scoop on what YouTube is pushing.

#2 - Dream Screens. Using prompts, you can create A.I photo/video backdrops for shorts and videos. Eventually, YouTube will release a tool that generates entire videos made by A.I.

#3 - A.I translations. Make sure this is turned on for your videos so you can expand your reach. It seems small, but Mr. Beast saw over a 47% increase in views when he hired a Spanish translator.

As of now, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. So it’s more important than ever to take a share of the market space.

We don’t have a specific release date for these features, but YouTube says we should see them before next year.

💼 Use A.I to 10x Your LinkedIn Game

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a great place for applying and recruiting for jobs.

This month, Microsoft (the owner of LinkedIn) has added a bunch of new A.I features that make networking, recruiting, and learning 10x easier.

Here are my top 3:

#1 - Recruiting is now a text message. Text the recruitment chat what you’re hiring for, and it will send you a list of candidates.

LinkedIn will also give you a pros and cons list for each candidate.

#2 - A.I coaching. LinkedIn has created a course database to help everyone from applicants to business owners learn new skills. Just text the coach what you’re struggling with and they’ll find the course for you.

#3 - Lead Generation. Similar to the recruitment chat, you can do the same to find leads for your business. Just text the chat what you’re looking for, and they’ll send you the leads.

If you’d like to learn more, here’s the rest of the update.

Some of these updates have already begun to roll out, and we’ll see the rest by January 2024.

Oh, and as promised…

A while back I created a guide to building an online store with A.I. To access it, click the link below!

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