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  • Deepfakes: Fake Blackmail, Celebrity endorsements, p*rn

Deepfakes: Fake Blackmail, Celebrity endorsements, p*rn

Hola, Synthetic Mind here with today's A.I info. We're like the AI version of a pizza roll: Quick, byte size, and too hot to handle.

If youre one of the 3,692 new members wed like to give you a big warm welcome! Feel free to kick back and relax. Mi casa, Tu casa.

Here's how we're closing out the week:

  • Deepfakes: The Darkside of A.I

  • Microsoft Reaches 1 Million Sign-Ups For New ChatBing

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Deepfakes: The Darkside of A.I

Call the law!

We hate to be the one to break it to you but theres been a crime..

One that will make your blood boil

Especially when you find out its been going on for YEARS!

Not to worry- we have our best bots on it

The crime?

Its called a Deepfake

Theyre A.I- powered videos that can take your face and voice and make you say.anything

No one is safe!

Take a look at the evidence:

Theres no denying it- we caught them red-handed!

After almost an hour of questioning, they spilled the beans:

  • Deepfake's were originally used to make *private* videos using celebrities

  • They're starting to sway votes- like the one of Trump yelling at Belgium for not getting out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

  • Companies like Deep Voodoo are already making Deepfake's a must-have. Check out this one they made for Kendrick Lamars music video:

Are you seeing what were seeing??

Nipsey Hussle, Kobe Bryant, Will Smith, and Kanye West?!

If youre not a little freaked out rn..you should be.

Anyone can make a video of you doing anything.

And yes, we mean anyone.

You didnt think only the crazy computer scientist could do it, did you?

Good, because even you can make one.

All you need is:

  • 1 photo

  • A Deepfake app

  • A deep-rooted taste for vengeance

If that was you who just screamed Is this legal?!...

Well, let's just say that the few laws that even mention Deepfakes are blurrier than the last Bigfoot sighting.

All we can do for now is watch for the tell-tale signs that one is hiding nearby...

Here are our five secret clues for spotting Deepfakes:

  1. Weird blinking

  2. Bad lip sync

  3. Dazed eyes

  4. Odd lighting

  5. Patchy skin tone

Y'all stay safe out there.

Microsoft Reaches 1 Million Sign-ups For New "ChatGPT Bing"

Up until recently saying you prefer Bing over Google was like paying with exact change at the grocery store.

Its only ok if youre over 70.

.. until now.

Microsoft has just played the ultimate Uno reverse card with its demo release of the new ChatGPT Bing.

The result?

Within 48 hours, Bing had over 1 million signups for the full version

Bing has just gone from a love triangle between my Grandma and her 2004 PC to living rent-free in the penthouse of search engines.

Can you believe at one point Bing only had 3% of searches and Google a whopping 93%?!

Oh, poor Googs..

We know it HAD to hurt watching their A.I chat tank like a poorly timed joke at a funeral.

Then losing $100 Billion! All in one day!


For their sake, we hope they dont find out that the new Bing will be better than ChatGPt.

Its like wayyyy mo advanced.

Heres what were told Bing:

  • Now gives 1 answer instead of just links

  • Remembers previous convo's

  • Understands slang- meaning it'll be like talking to a real person

  • Uses the internet so data is always new

We think it's starting to look like Microsoft has won the search war.

We believed in them this whole time..... right?

Quick Bytes

Mind Memes

Thats all we have for you today. Stay curious, keep up the good work detectives, and let us know if you see anything suspicious.

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