🤔 The “Free” Money Maker

Making money requires selling something…. Right?

It’s true, money needs to change hands at some point

But in the world of business, where you choose to place yourself is not a 1-size fits all.

In fact, the fastest path to massive profits can actually be through giving stuff away for free

Plus, everyone likes you more when it’s free 🙂

Today's Agenda:

  • 🤔 The “Free” Money Maker

  • 💥 Taking Action

  • 🏆 The $10K Challenge

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🤔 The “Free” Money Maker

Let’s say you want to make $1,000 in 24 hours.

You could sell 10 people something for $100, which would take a lot of effort


You could give away something for free, that doesn’t “cost” you anything

It would be easier to give away 100 consultations for free than it would be to sell 10, right?

But how do you make money?

When they buy/sign up, require them to sign up for a software they will need anyway, through an affiliate link (or whatever item you can get a cut from, that is necessary for them to use)

The objections will be almost non-existent if you create the right offer.

I use this in my ecommerce consulting business. We have a 90% take rate with one of our offers, which is INSANE. We used to sell 0.5% of our leads.

This is just flipping your offer inside out. It works really well.

Everyone loves free stuff.

You will get tons of referrals, people will share your content & you will reach more people.

Combine that with your great offer, and you have a never-ending cycle of money coming through the door.

💥 Taking Action

I have fallen in love with this model because there is a lot less friction.

In the Ecommerce world, it’s pretty funny to see.

Someone won’t want to give you $200 to help them. But if we help them for free, they will spend $1,000 on advertising through our affiliate link, of which I get a 40% cut ($400)

That’s DOUBLE the money, but 10-20x the conversion rate… make sense?

This newsletter is the same thing, to some degree.

It’s free, and always will be. We get paid indirectly through advertisers.

Because of that, people appreciate us. They know there is no pitch incoming, so they can relax a bit & just enjoy the content.

So the key here is not IF it will work. The secret sauce is that YOU must build the right free offer.

The freebie itself must be high quality and something your audience will want.

Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean you should give less value.

🏆 The $10K Challenge

I’ll be honest with you, I rewrote this section 8 times.

I want to find a way to help you use this to scale your business, but I realize there’s no way I can give you enough information in this 4-minute read.

I know the idea of making money from free products sounds insane. But I assure you it works (when done properly).

So I have a proposition for you…

I will link a video right HERE showing you how to implement this into your business (it works even if you don’t have one yet).

Using that video, put together an offer.

And don’t stop until you have collected $10,000. I’ll bet you can get there faster than you think.

If you can reach $10K in the next 60 days, I'll get on a free call with you and help you scale it.

(No charge. No upsell. Just me helping you grow).

When you hit your goal, reach out to me at [email protected]

I encourage you to think a little differently this week, and find a way to justify a free offer to clients that is truly just as valuable as your main thing…

Happy hunting,

Profit Snack Team

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