💰 How to use A.I In your side hustle

💰 How To Make Money With A.I

When it comes to A.I, everyone wants to know two things: Will A.I take over humanity and how can it make us filthy rich?

To be completely honest with you, I have no idea when A.I plans to end humanity….

But I do know how you can use it to make money.

There are two direct ways to make money with A.I:

  1. Create an A.I product

  2. Use A.I to increase your output

Today, we’ll talk about how you can use A.I as a side hustle, and 3 trending A.I business you can start today.

Here’s what we got for ya:

  • 🤖 How To Use A.I In Your Side Hustle

  • 📱 A.I As A Digital Product

  • 📈 3 Secret A.I Trends

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🤖 How To Use A.I In Your Side Hustle

If you’re a freelancer (or want to be), using A.I is a no-brainer. When used right, it will not only boost your output to make you more money…

But it also allows you to work new types of freelancing jobs.

For instance, with ChatGPT you could take a job writing cold emails even if you’ve never written them before.

So, here are three high-demand freelancing jobs on Upwork and Fiverr that you can get paid for today using A.I:

 #1 - Building websites

Every business needs a website. Yet, people hate spending the time to build them. So most outsource the work via Fiverr or Upwork.

This is where you come in, even if you have no idea how to build a website.

A.I tools like Wix can build entire websites for you in seconds based on a few text prompts.

All you have to do is put in a few text prompts → send the client the website → offer to make revisions for free.

If you sell 3 a day, that’s $164K a year.

#2 - Google Sheet Data Entry

Most don’t know this, but Google is releasing a new A.I data entry tool for Google Sheets.

The A.I tool can organize data into tables and visuals, search the internet, and many other features which you can read about HERE. 

In a nutshell, it makes data entry 10x more efficient.

So if you’re looking for a bit of side money, a great option is offering data entry services on Upwork (pays more than Fiver for this job).

PS - pick jobs that don’t require scraping and instead focus on reorganizing the client’s data.

#3 - Event Planning

Right now, freelancers are charging anywhere from $115 to $215 to plan events.

Using A.I, you could plan entire events in less than 3 hours using ChatGPT and tools like TripNotes.

All you need to do is use TripNotes to find places, activities, and restaurants → ask ChatGTP to outline a plan → send the plan to client.

Assuming you charge $150 and it takes you 3 hours, that’s $50/ hour.

🤝 Together With Brilliant

A.I isn’t magic. It’s math.

Get an edge on the A.I jobs of tomorrow with Brilliant. They make it easy to master the concepts behind A.I so you can get an edge on the future.

In just 15 minutes a day, you can level up in the core building blocks of A.I, as well as data science, programming, logic, and beyond.

Thousands of bite-size, interactive lessons help you master the key concepts and make it insanely easy to build a daily learning habit.

Plus, Synthetic Mind readers get 20% off an annual premium membership.

📱 A.I As A Digital Product

If freelancing is not for you, no worries. You can still capitalize on A.I without funding an A.I tool. How?

By selling digital products that help people use and understand A.I.

This could look something like:

  • Prompt Packages

  • Courses on how to use ChatGPT for specific use cases

  • A.I art

All over Instagram and Etsy, people are selling ChatGPT prompt packages anywhere from $10 - $20 a package.

If you sold 10 prompt packages a day for $15, you’d have a 5+ figure year in 2024. Not bad for a side hustle.

Here’s a brief how-to:

  1. Set up an Esty shop (it’s free), Shopify, or any other online store

  2. Find a niche where using ChatGPT could help people save time or money. Think: Instagram captions, scripts, Midjourney prompts for ad creatives, etc.

  3. Use social media, paid ads, or offer affiliates to bring in traffic and make sales.

PS - If you have a deep understanding of how to use ChatGPT for specific things like building an e-commerce store, then I recommend using that knowledge to sell a course.

📈 3 Secret A.I Trends

Now this is where things get fun.

If you don’t want to freelance or sell a digital product and have a bit of money saved up…. this one’s for you.

I used Exploding Topcis to find A.I trends that people are currently searching for, or as they put it ‘exploding’.

Here are the three trends and how I would turn them into an A.I business.

Trend #1

A.I essay writers have been a big hit lately. My thoughts?

Let ChatGPT can write essays. We don’t need another A.I writer.

However, what hasn’t been seen yet is an A.I essay grader.

This could be an A.I tool that gives students an expected grade based on their rubric and grading scale.

You can charge per essay grade, then you can white-label A.I tool that will rewrite their essay for an A+.

Trend #2

As with trend #1, the world doesn’t need another basic A.I writing tool. Yet, ‘A.I writer’ is exploding on the internet right now.

So if I were to build an A.I writing too, I would build it to do something that ChatGPT can’t…

Repurpose content into different mediums.

Right now, content creators are looking to repurpose their content in as many medium forms as possible.

You can capitalize on this by creating an A.I tool that turns YouTube videos into engaging blogs or even newsletters.

On that note, you could also build a tool that turns blogs into YouTube videos. However, I think it will be a bit before this is possible.

Trend #3

Even I can admit the idea of using A.I to optimize my calendar is pretty sexy. However, the A.I tools available for this are average at best.

Right now, the term ‘A.I to-do list” is exploding - suggesting a massive demand with little competition.

So if I were to make a million-dollar A.I task manager, I would:

  • Find a way to integrate the manager with my emails, calendar, and text messages

  • Have it create daily to-do lists based on what needs to be done first

  • Optimize my schedule for productivity with techniques like time-blocking

Theoretically, this wouldn’t be that difficult when using API integrations, no-code platforms, and optimized ChatGPT prompts.

That’s it for today!

The Profit Snack Team

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