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  • Artificially Intelligent Crypto - The New Gold Mine?

Artificially Intelligent Crypto - The New Gold Mine?

Synthetic Mind here with everything you need to know about AI. If you forgot about Valentine's dont freak out, we got you. Were the gift that just keeps on giving!

Heres what we have for you this week:

  • Artificially Intelligent Crypto - The New Gold Mine?

  • Shopify and A.I- Match Made In Heaven

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Artificially Intelligent Crypto - The New Gold Mine?

If youve ever traded with Crypto then you know you can never tell which coin will be as unreliable as Gen Zs Social Security fund

*cough cough* Dogecoin

    Well A.I might be changing the whole game.


    A.I helps fix the two main blindspots of traders - logic and patterns.

    Here's why A.I for Crypto will be bad*ss:

    • No more crypto FOMO. A.I only uses logic when trading so you can skip the emotional rollercoaster.

    • Finds crypto scammers so you dont lose money again

    • Makes faster decisions that speed up your trading times

    The crazy part?

    AI has a 75% prediction success rate so far.

    We only see two major red flags here:

    1. AI is one expensive date. It will take a lot of time, money, and resources to train AI to understand and predict crypto patterns. Theres a lot of data to unpack here.

    2. There are whispers big companies that may feed A.l bias to influence the price of coins. Almost like an ex that just keeps coming back up (sorry Sarah)...

    Not to worry though, AI and crypto are destined to be together. In fact, theyre already spreading the love.

    Check this out:

    And just like that crypto goes from cracky to crafty.

    Or as 21Savage puts it Not checkers, this chess

    Shopify and AI: A Match Made In Heaven?

    I have a confession

    This year I got a love note, and to be honest it got me all hot and worked up.

    Weak at the knees if you will

    The note?

    Shopify added A.I

    Thats right - like a cupid shot straight to the left cheek my two favorite industries came colliding together to make one hell of a sexy baby.

    Heres what we know:

    • A.I will market your product to more buyers. Small crowds = No sales.

    • Simple task automation

    • Live chats (the free kind)

    • Catching credit card scammers

    Is it getting hot in here or is it just me??

    Shopify hasnt officially put A.I on their platform YET but they do allow you to link AI-powered apps.

    Here are our top 5 tools for your Shopify revamp:

    1. Wiser - Upsells buyers for round 2

    2. MESA - Puts the easy tasks on autopilot

    3. Octane.ai - Markets your product to bigger crowds. Apparently size DOES matter

    4. Putler - See all your stores in 1 place

    5. ShopIQ - Growth reports that give you only the need-to-know

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    Thats all we have for you today. Stay curious, and dont forget to tell that special someone Happy Valentine's day!

    The Synthetic Mind <3

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