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👷🏻‍♂️ The Kid Who Made Millions Selling Shovels

The Billionaires Club is old news. The new ticket to admission? A trillion. It’s still rare air.

💰 The Trillionaires Club

The Billionaires Club is old news.

The new ticket to admission? A trillion.

It’s still rare air.

Only 6 companies are in the club. But one is my favorite: Nvidia.

They got their ticket served on a silver platter in May.

It’s not that they’re worth a Trilly that I love… It’s how they did it.

Here’s what we got in store for ya today:

  • 🧠 Two Giants. One Strategy.

  • 🎯 The Game Trillionaires Play

  • 👷🏻‍♂️ The Kid Who Made Millions Selling Shovels

P.S - If you stick around until the end we have a free training for sourcing ideas.

🧠 Two Giants. One Strategy.

What do denim and supercomputers have in common? They made 2 corporate giants.

Let’s take a trip back in time for a second.

150 years ago Levi Strauss was walking the streets of San Fransisco. He had one question on his mind…

“How do I get filthy f*cking rich?” or something like that…

He saw two types of people in California.

  1. People who got rich mining for gold.

  2. People hoping to get rich mining for gold.

He knew his chances of striking gold were getting smaller by the second.

So what did he do? He sold denim pants to miners.

Now, let’s fast forward to today.

Nvidia invented the GPU. A chip for computers that makes them faster.

Here’s why that matters: They’re a necessity for A.I models.

Tech giants are slaughtering each other in the A.I arena.

Nvidia is laughing on the sidelines… Slanging their GPUs like hotcakes.

This my friend, is called “selling the shovels.”

Levi’s didn’t mine for gold. They sold clothes to miners hoping to strike it rich.

Nvidia doesn’t fight to create the best A.I. They sell GPUs to companies hoping to win market share.

There are two reasons to sell the shovels:

1/ You’re in constant demand. Everyone needs you to keep making money.

2/ There’s less competition. Everyone’s focused on the shiny gold, not the pants.

So, how can you build a shovel-slanging business?

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🎯 How To Play The Trillionaires Game

Most people think that selling the shovels is only for the corporate giants.

But it’s a lot simpler than you think.

You do this by selling one of the three “Holy Grails.”

  1. Health

  2. Wealth

  3. Happiness

Each category helps people who are in pain and want to reach a dream.

Here are your next three steps:

Step #1 - Choose the dream you can provide the most value in.

Example: Diabetics want to lose weight without giving up their favorite food.

Step #2 - Break that dream into simple steps from beginning to end.

Example: Decide what to eat. Find yummy recipes. Buy the groceries.

Step #3 - Choose one step that’s crucial and build a product.

Example: Yummy diabetic-friendly recipes.

The result: The Diabetic Friendly Recipe Book.

It’s simple. Selling shovels doubles your chances of success.

👷🏻‍♂️The Kid Who Made Millions Selling Shovels

In 2018, I met a kid named Noah. He was 17 years old with a bowl haircut and a bit overweight. On the outside, he looked like a normal kid.

Noah after buying his first house

At least that’s what I thought. Later I found out he was racking in millions selling physical products online.

By 2019, Noah found a trend in the market.

In order to launch a physical product you have to:

  1. Find and source a product

  2. Create videos for that product

  3. Create a website

  4. Run ads

The ecommerce industry is littered with tools for each. Except one.

Creating a video for products. Noah fixed this problem.

Later that year he launched a website called Viral Ecom Adz.

At the time everyone was trying to sell a product online or a course on how to do it.

But Instead of mining for gold, Noah sold the damn shovel.

I can’t share their revenue because they don’t talk about it in public.

But here’s what I can share:

Website visits to VEA

🎁 Free Gift: How To Source Ideas

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