3 Secret A.I trends

I have a business idea

We all have that family member who thought of Uber before Uber.

But, thats not how it works. It took me 4 years in business to realize this:

You dont create demand for a product. You funnel into existing demand to your product.

My perspective has shifted over the years.

Old Way: Create a strong idea, then create demand.

New Way: Find strong demand, then create an idea.

Today, I already did half the homework for you.

So kick your feet up and grab the popcorn because this is what we got for ya:

  • Ridiculously awesome intro (done)

  • 3 A.I Trends with Proven Demand

  • 儭 The Entrepreneur Death Trap

3 Trends with Proven Demand

AI content has exploded on the scene. If youre smart you can carve out a corner of the market for yourself.

Search volume for AI Content

In the last month, there have been 19.5k searches and 600% growth in searches this year for AI content

Here are A.I content tools I wish I had:

  • YouTube Creator Tools: Summarize content with timestamps, and create descriptions automatically. Upload data on the best-performing headlines and provide automatic titles

  • Twitter Tools:Train your model with the templates of top-performing tweets. Allow people to select ideas + templates to automatically generate tweets

  • A.I Humanizer: One of the biggest struggles with content is that it sounds robotic. Create a model that writes conversationally so that users can copy + paste their text into.

The truth is that 99% of people still have no idea how to use AI. The difficulty of prompts is one of the biggest hurdles. But you can make a prompt generator, using A.I. Meta sh*t, I know.

Trend #3

This trend is in its infancy. Midjourney Artists. When people think of Midjourney usually its for neat designs. If youre trying to build a business off of this, I say f*ck that.

Instead, I believe there is a real opportunity to be the go-to Midjourney Ad creator.

What do I mean? Simple.

Picture ads perform great on Facebook and Instagram. Use Midjourney to make an image, and Canva to add some text.

This service paired with ridiculously fast turnaround times is low-hanging fruit.

Together With Masterworks

35% Net Return + A.I. Rally = 56,000 Happy Investors

Wall Street is immersed in the AI revolution, rekindling stock market hopes. Amid this, Masterworks' art investment platform stood unwavering, amassing 10%, 17% and 35% net returns in the past year

Surpassing S&P 500 growth by 136% over 27 years, Masterworks has sold $45M+ art, benefiting everyday investors without hefty funds or art expertise. With $800M+ AUM, rapid sell-outs can occur. Synthetic Mind readers skip the waitlist.

See important disclosures at masterworks.com/cd

儭 The Entrepreneur Death Trap

Shiny ball syndrome kills 99% of entrepreneurs. Let me show you how.

Five years ago I was in my Sophomore year of college, 1 day before my birthday when my dad called me.

Your grandfather passed away. My dad said in an almost monotone voice.

I stopped and looked at the phone as time ticked along.

A conversation I had with my grandfather earlier that year raced through my mind.

I told him I was frustrated. Every business I started failed more spectacularly than the last.

Stubborn and tough as nails he responded Its because you cant stick to anything dammit!

Hello? My dads voice brought me back to reality.

I cleared the lump in my throat. Yah - Im still here.

The news was hard to swallow. Time flies. Moments die. Inspiration is fleeting. From that day on I had a mantra.

If other people are successful with this, why not me?

My question for you, is why not you?

This mantra remains my rallying cry.

Every obstacle. Every objection.

Why not me?

Twelve months after my grandfathers passing, I had generated my first million dollars in revenue.

Dont chase whats hot, chase curiosity and never stop.

With that being said, go build something you're proud of.

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