How I mastered emails with A.I.

A letter from the Founders:

If you've been keeping up with Synthetic Mind you know our writer quit about a month ago.

Today Rachaels back and dare I say better (Ill let you decide).

Only one hiccup... When she got back, I caught her using ChatGPT to write.

She thought Id be mad.I was.

But only because she hadnt shared her secrets with you all yet.

After a bit of waterboarding, I was able to get the ChatGPT writing secrets out of her.

These have been closed company documents Until now.

I dont want to steal Rachaels thunder so Ill let her take it from here.


儭 Using ChatGPT + Data to Write

Hey yall, glad to be back.

When I was first hired by Synthetic Mind I SUCKED at writing subject lines.

Thats no bueno because it doesnt matter how fantastic our email is, if the subject line sucks no one will ever read it.

So yah Its a big freaking deal.

I had to guarantee 10/10 subject lines every time.

The best way to do it? Plug in custom data into ChatGPT.

Luckily, I had open rate data from 70K+ people at my fingertips.

Within a week, our open rates went up by 15%. That means an additional 10,500 people are reading our emails.

This process can be applied to anything. Writing sales pages, novels, or even boosting your Tinder game (You do you).

P.S - I have a surprise for you if you stick around until the end.

Lets get it.

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How To Combine ChatGPT + Data ASAP

Since I have the stage to myself today, Im switching things up.

Im going to give you 3 gifts for free that you can use right now.

Each of these has a step-by-step description and a video explanation. If you have any questions, drop them in the poll at the end.

1/ What makes a killer subject line. After sending 1.9M total emails with Synthetic Mind, its safe to say we learned a thing or two about clicks. Use this guide anytime youre writing a subject line.

2/ Build a custom ChatGPT chat supercharged by data. Here I break down what data I plugged into ChatGPT, and what prompts I use to get consistent results.

3/ Heres a link to our exact chat. This has the data weve collected from 2M emails sent and over 300 subject lines tested thats already dialed in for you. Just submit the subject line youre thinking of, and ask ChatGPT to optimize it.

Thats it. See ya Friday 儭

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2/ Youll get access to our private discord where you can ask the founders of SM questions + connect with our community.

Win - Win.

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