From 0 subs to #1 podcast in the world

How She Built A $60M Asset In 30 Days

In the last 30 days, Bobbie Althoff has gone from a small-time influencer to owning the #1 podcast in the world.

How did she go so viral in 30 days? Ill explain.

But first, just so you understand how insane Bobbies growth has been heres a timeline:

  • Bobbie posts a TikTok offering $300 for a celeb guest

  • Rick Glassman (Actor/Comedian) agrees to be on her podcast

  • Althoff follows up by interviewing influencer Funny Marco, which goes viral

  • 2 days later she interviews Drake

Bobbie interviews Drake

But heres what Bobbie doesn't know shes sitting on a gold mine.

To put this into perspective: If Bobbie was to pay for the same 100M+ views she got but with Facebook Ads, she would have to pay over $2,500,000.

Instead, she got it for free.

When I realized this, it clicked. Attention is valuable. Brands that produce this type of content have insane valuations.

For example Call Her Daddy (a podcast) sold the rights to their podcast for $60M to Spotify.

  • Call Her Daddy had 30.3M views on their Youtube Channel

  • Bobbie has 24.1M views on her Youtube Channel

Now to answer your original question, Why did this go so viral?

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﹗he Viral Formula

Most interviews are what I call talking heads. AKA people sitting down and having a conversation.

If you do this youre in direct competition for attention with major players like Joe Rogan or Jordan Peterson. And lets be honest

Thats like heading straight into the NFL as a pee wee.

Youre going to get your a** kicked.

So, Bobbie went viral by playing a different game. After her first interview, Bobbie made an observation. The more awkward the interview, the more it gripped her audience by the eyeballs.

This isnt the first time weve seen this happen. Content that catches instant traction has a common thread.

Just take a look at these:

#1. Hot Ones - Interviews with hot wings that get hotter each time.

#2. Cold As Balls - Kevin Hart interviewing people while sitting in ice baths

Cold As Balls Interview

#3. Carpool Karaoke - Driving around singing with famous people

The best way to collect attention is to add your own spin like all these podcast hosts have done. They dont play the talking head game.

Instead, theyre using the Jeff Bezos differentiation strategy.

When you look at Amazon theyre not delivering packages in 2 days because theyre Mother Theresa. Its because no one else is delivering packages that fast. Its a huge part of their success.

The goal is to be in a category of one.

Take Hot Ones for example. They dont have any competition. If you want to see celebs struggling through some hot wings, theyre the only option.

When you think of the perfect content you dont think of eating hot wings or taking ice baths. But thats the point.

No one expects the type of content that breaks down the barrier of a public image.

So, why is this a big deal?

The Invisible Currency

Businesses and influencers are quietly trying to leverage the powerful force of attention.

Influencers are using attention to launch brands:

Its no surprise here that the bigger the influencer, the more their brand is worth.

The big takeaway: Attention is the new oil.

In the next 10 years, your business will be only as good as your content.

Were seeing billion-dollar businesses do everything they can to invest in personalities. They could easily just pay a random spokesperson to create content. But theyre not.

Instead, theyre paying a premium for someone with a genuine connection to their audience.

Like Hubspot who bought the rights to shows like:

  • Entrepreneurs on Fire (#13 in Business Podcasts)

  • My First Million (#35 in Business Podcasts)

  • Goal Digger (#58 in Business Podcasts)

  • +23 other podcasts

If you want to cut through the noise, using the differentiation strategy is the only way to build a brand.

With that being said,

Go build something youre proud of.

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