Google's $100B A.I Mistake

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  • ChatGPT Competitor Cost Google $100 Billion

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Google Invests $300M To Dethrone OpenAI

In case you havent heard, OpenAI has been dealing with more drama than Kanye West.

From reportedly showing political bias to helping students cheat - ChatPT is at the cusp of controversy.

Our little birdies tell us that hard times are not a new thing for OpenAI employees.

It's been so difficult that a few employees ditched OpenAI to start Anthropic: an AI company that just told everyone they are releasing a ChatGPT competitor named Claude.

The best part?

Google (OpenAIs rival) just invested $300 million dollars into Anthropic.

*mic drop.

First Sparrow and now Claude?

Google is desperate to beat OpenAI and we are LOVING every second of it.

Here's why Claude might dethrone ChatGPT:

  • Gives quicker and more to-the-point answers

  • Uses a technique called Constitutional AI which is basically a way to get rid of bias

  • Admits when it doesnt know the answer to a conversation whereas ChatGPT may give a wrong one

  • Has higher ratings in creativity

It looks like we have an AI revolution on our hands (or screens if youd rather)

The winners?

Well, us!

We keep getting newer and better AI chats on what seems to be the daily.

Who could complain about that?

ChatGPT Competitor Cost Google $100B

Watching Google try to keep up with the latest AI trends is like watching the fat kid trying to finish the mile in PE class.

In efforts to catch up with OpenAI, Google has made a BIG mistake.

Were talking a $100 billion dollar mistake.


Here's the scoop: Google recently announced their plans for Bard -their new AI-powered chat that was supposedto be like ChatGPT on steroids.

Instead, it became more of a Mike Tyson punch straight to the dome as they watched a $100 Billion dollar loss on Alphabets stock price.

Why you ask?

Well, on demo day - Bard was... less than accurate.

We know what youre thinking. Whats the big deal about one wrong answer?

Well, this one was at its own launch event in Paris. Literally the one time it had to be at its best.

Not a good look Goog.

It seems like Bard may have been playing 2 truths and a lie. In its video the first two statements were right and the last one was very wrong.

Is this the end of Bard?

Ehh, probably not.

Although there are many kinks (not those kinds) that need to be solved, Bard still has a lot to offer:

  • More up-to-date than ChatGPT as they have information up to 2021

  • Explains information in a more natural and easy-to-understand way than ChatGPT

  • Will mainly operate as a personal assistant. Think: booking appointments, making reservations, and planning

Based on this, its predicted that Bard may reach 1 Billion users.

After the slip-up Google plans to keep Bard in beta testing for a little while longer but we can still expect to see its release in the next few weeks!

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